Starknet is a layer-2 scaling solution built on Ethereum that aims to tackle the issue of high gas fees and slow transaction times. As a platform that relies heavily on smart contracts to execute transactions, Starknet offers advanced features such as account abstraction and the ability to create and utilize smart wallets, which can enhance the user experience and improve overall security measures.

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Introducing the “Explore Starknet Ecosystem” Campaign to Win OG Roles!

Utilizing account abstraction and mobile devices hardware security modules, to offer state-of-the-art security and UX — During #starknetcc...


25 Apr 2023

Starknet Token – STRK

Don't miss the opportunity to join the Starknet revolution with Starknet Token. Understand its main purpose and distribution conditions!


11 Apr 2023

best-starknet-wallet-why-braavos-is-the-choice-for-new-starknet enthousiasts

The Best Starknet Wallet: Why New Users Choose Braavos in 2023!

With unique innovation and impressive growth figures, Braavos quickly became the best choice for Starknet, leaving old wallets in the dust! Here is why!


25 Mar 2023

Web3 Identity and Web3 Security What you need to know

Web3 Identity and Web3 Security: What you need to know!

Learn about Web3 identity and wallet security. Understand crypto identity elements, domain names, 2FA, and hackers' operations!


23 Mar 2023


Revolutionizing Crypto Signing: Braavos and StarkNet’s Account Abstraction Case Study

Revolutionize crypto signing with Braavos' use of Account Abstraction and familiar authentication methods like Face ID. Discover more now.


18 Jan 2023

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