Starknet Airdrop: Why Cairo2 Upgrade is Vital To Claim Your STRK

To ensure you can claim the Starknet airdrop, you must upgrade your wallet to Cairo2. Here is how to do it.
• Feb 12, 2024
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Starknet Airdrop: Why Cairo2 Upgrade is Vital To Claim Your STRK

The Starknet STRK airdrop is just around the corner, and it’s now evident which wallet stands out as the premium choice on Starknet. Many claim excellence, but only a few truly deliver.

Why should I update my account?

To ensure you’re fully prepared for the airdrop, it’s vital to have the latest version of the wallet installed (v3.37.2) and to upgrade all your accounts to our most recent Cairo2 contract version. 

Keeping your account updated is essential for claiming the airdrop and taking advantage of other benefits. If you notice the ‘Upgrade Now‘ button at the top of your wallet’s home screen, don’t hesitate to click it and update. You’re likely aware by now that account contract upgrades require you to sign and issue a transaction on-chain, incurring a small gas fee.

Cairo2 Upgrade Starknet Airdrop Step 1

How can I make sure I have the right contract address?

To confirm you have the latest contract version, you can check each account’s Settings screen to ensure the version is updated to ‘001.000.000’

Cairo2 Upgrade Starknet Airdrop Step2

Is the new contract audited?

The contract underwent an extensive audit by the esteemed team at Nethermind, who possesses deep knowledge of Starknet and the Cairo programming language, having been core builders in the ecosystem for over two years now. If you’re interested in reviewing the code as well as the audit report, you can visit our GitHub repository:

Furthermore, this contract was subjected to a rigorous public security stress test during our recent ‘Capture the Flag’ challenge, where we put $150,000 on the line. Numerous hackers from around the world attempted to breach it. Confident in the account Hardware Signer 2FA security, we even provided them with the seed phrase (yes, that’s right!) to facilitate their efforts and demonstrate that seed phrases are no longer the holy grail of crypto security. Details of this event can be found in the accompanied article and in this tweet:

What are the main benefits of upgrading my account?

The main benefits of upgrading the contract include:

  • Preparing your wallet for the Starknet STRK airdrop.
  • Allowing you to pay gas fees with the STRK token.
  • STRK can be staked to secure the network and earn yield (available soon).
  • Making your wallet future proof for Starknet’s re-genesis.
  • Enjoying the latest premium security features from Braavos.
  • Being ready for some very cool new features to be announced soon.
  • Participate to Braavos’ 1,000,000 STRK Raffle 🎁.

Should I update each and every account in the wallet?

You should go to the wallet main menu at the top left corner, and then go account by account and make sure all of them are updated.


Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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