Earn up to 10%
on your ETH*

Braavos, the Starknet DeFi wallet, offers a
secure, easy-to-use sophisticated DeFi
strategies and minimal gas fee

*APR calculation is based on a 7-day moving-average rate, which is subject to change.

Designed to Generate High Returns
on Investments

One-Click Earn Yield

Earn yield by staking directly from your wallet while keeping your ETH liquid

Yield Boost

Boost your yield by compounding on your staked ETH through liquidity provision.

Swap tokens at the best rates

Swap your favorite crypto tokens, like ETH, DAI, and USDC, directly from your wallet

Streamline Your Defi Journey with a
Wide Range of Features

5 on-ramping solutions
Deposit with your credit card or Apple/Google Pay. Transfer from exchanges or other networks
Transactions explainer
Understand the complex transactions that dApps request you to sign
DeFi dApp Gallery
Access various DeFi protocols on Starknet, monitor your transactions, and keep track of your investments
Low Transaction Fee
Enjoy Starknet's low transaction fees and retain more of your yield
Free of Charge Wallet
Braavos is free to use and doesn't currently charge any fees
Free Subdomain Name
For seamless interaction, register a personalized .braavos.stark from your account settings

Introducing Next-Level Digital Asset

Experience Braavos' exclusive innovations that establish new
standards in crypto security

Achieve security that exceeds hardware wallets by using your smartphone

The Hardware Signer generates a cryptographic key in your mobile security chip. By leveraging the power of Account Abstraction, it renders phishing attacks and malware obsolete

Protect your wallet with 3FA, requiring signatures on both extension and mobile wallet

For the first time in crypto, your account is protected by a Multi-Signer. Each transaction must be signed by both your extension and mobile wallet, ensuring 3FA: something you know, have, and are

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