How To Claim the Starknet Airdrop

Here are the essential steps you should take to claim and secure your Starknet token airdrop.
• Feb 9, 2024
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How To Claim the Starknet Airdrop

Ever since the launch of Starknet’s native token, $STRK, on the Ethereum Mainnet in November 2022, the crypto community has been expecting the Starknet airdrop. Now that it is live, here’s all you need to know about claiming the Starknet airdrop.

How to claim Starknet token STRK?

Here is the official Starknet airdrop dApp for claiming STRK tokens:

The starknet airdrop date is the 20th of February 2024. You can now claim your Starknet tokens until the 20th of June 2024.

Make sure you always click on official links.

1 – Choose your wallet

To participate in the Starknet airdrop, you need a wallet that is compatible with Starknet. Currently, only two wallets have the compatibility to claim the STRK airdrop. Below is a table to help you compare their features:

Braavos vs Argent comparison table - Starknet Wallets
Claim your Starknet airdrop using Braavos, the leading wallet for the Starknet airdrop, by downloading and creating your Braavos wallet here. If you encounter any difficulties, we offer a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you in setting up your Braavos wallet.

2  – Check your eligibility

Here is the official link to the Starknet airdrop page:

Scroll down until you see this 👇
starknet airdrop checker step 1

Then, click on ‘Claim STRK’ and connect your Starknet wallet.

starknet airdrop checker

If you are a StarkEx user (Sorare,, ImmutableX or dYdX), an Ethereum staker or a GitHub contributor, follow this specific Starknet airdrop guide.

3 – Claim your STRK

Once you’ve connected your wallet, if you are eligible for the Starknet airdrop, this is what you’ll see:

starknet airdrop checker step 3

Then, click on ‘See your allocation’.

starknet airdrop checker step 4

At this stage, activating one of Braavos’ top security features is crucial.

Be aware that this period may attract numerous scammers. Protecting your funds is essential, and Braavos offers the best solution. Here’s how to activate our 2FA solution, the Hardware Signer.

What if you don’t qualify in the first round?

As said in this Starknet airdrop announcement on Twitter, the Starknet Foundation has plans to allocate 1.8bn STRK. As of now, 586.3M STRK tokens have been airdropped and an additional 40M have been given during the DeFi Spring. There are close to 1.2bn STRK yet to be allocated.

Starknet Foundation STRK announcement

How do I get airdrop from Starknet?

The Starknet airdrop is now live. Set up your Braavos wallet now to claim the Starknet token airdrop. Download Braavos now!

Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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