Starknet Quantum Leap NFT: Here is How to Claim Yours

Do you want to quickly and securely get your Starknet Quantum Leap NFT? Here is a step-by-step guide to claim your Starknet NFT.
• Aug 29, 2023
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Starknet Quantum Leap NFT: Here is How to Claim Yours

Starknet Quantum Leap v0.12.1 marks a monumental leap forward. With record-breaking TPS capacity, this release represents a quantum jump in scaling Ethereum with rollups. Starknet TPS has reached its highest capacity to date: 6.92 TPS. Starknet’s community has created the exclusive “Starknet Quantum Leap” NFT to commemorate this breakthrough. Owning this unique piece allows you to participate in history and join the community pushing boundaries.

But now that the STRK token has launched, you might be interested in reading a comprehensive guide on the Starknet token, including how to purchase it.

Here are all the details to be able to claim the NFT:

When is the Starknet Quantum Leap NFT claim happening? 

Wednesday 30th August at 05:00 am UTC. The NFT will be claimable for 24h only.
🚨 The NFT mint has been temporarily paused 🚨
Unfortunately, the event had to be interrupted. While we don’t yet know when it will be possible to mine this NFT again, it is confirmed that the project team is doing everything possible to relaunch the project in the next few days.
We’ll keep you updated via our social accounts!
Stay tuned.

What do you need to claim it

  1. A Braavos wallet. Here is the link to download your Braavos wallet now: 
  2. Some ETH to pay for transaction fees. If you’re completely new to Starknet you can either buy ETH with your credit card or bridge ETH from Ethereum L1. <

Here is how to do it:
To buy ETH with your credit card here is a short 4-step guide:

1- Click on the deposit button inside your Braavos wallet

2- Select Banxa or your favorite solution

3- Click on Transfer Now

4- Select the amount you want, click on “Create Order” and follow the process on our partner’s website

If you already have ETH tokens on Ethereum L1, here is a complete article on how you can bridge tokens from Ethereum to Starknet 

Where can you claim the Starknet Quantum Leap NFT?

Here is the address to claim the Starknet Quantum Leap NFT
👉 👈
⚠️ Make sure to use this address only to avoid scams. ⚠️

Click on the claim button and “waiting for instructions”

Congratulations, you’ve successfully claimed your Staknet Quantum Leap NFT 🎉
Don’t witness history, become a part of it!

What is the best wallet to claim the Starknet Quantum Leap NFT?

In conclusion, you can certainly rely on Braavos Wallet, the smart wallet made for Starknet with advanced features to manage your NFT!
You can download it on mobile and desktop from the official download page:

Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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