Starknet NFT Marketplaces & dApps: Discover Which One Is the Best for You

Explore Starknet’s booming NFT marketplaces and dApps early on. Advance your NFT game as an investor or creator now.
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• Jan 24, 2024
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Starknet NFT Marketplaces & dApps: Discover Which One Is the Best for You

The NFT craze continues and the Starknet NFT universe is experiencing unprecedented growth in popularity. This is why discovering the top NFT dApps on Starknet has never been more crucial. In this article, we’re unveiling the best NFT dApps which are at the forefront of creativity, investment potential, and groundbreaking technology. 

Let’s explore the realm of Starknet’s best NFT marketplaces, NFT dApps and NFT protocols. Let’s make sure you’re steps ahead in your Starknet journey, whether as an NFT investor or a creator.

Must-Check NFT Marketplaces and dApps on Starknet

Pyramid Market

Pyramid Marketplace is a hot spot for Starknet NFT fans. It features all NFT collections on Starknet, from verified to affiliate-verified and even unverified ones. On Pyramid’s dynamic collection page, you can see top and trending collections.Pyramid Marketplace Starknet NFT

You can easily find users and collections by their name, contract address, or domain name. Want to see who’s holding what? No problem! Pyramid lets you explore holders’ lists of collections and count the NFTs in any wallet. 

Pyramid also has a storefront for minting NFTs on Starknet and Scroll.  With top-notch search tools, a filter for NSFW stuff, and a super-strong setup, Pyramid gives you a smooth NFT trading experience.

Flex Marketplace

Flex is Starknet’s first dynamic NFT marketplace. It’s super easy to use – just click around to find, buy, or mint NFTs in seconds. 

Flex Marketplace stands out with a dedicated launchpad for upcoming projects, helping them get noticed and raise funds. 

Additionally, this Starknet marketplace includes gamification elements to make NFT trading a fun and engaging experience.Flex Marketplace Starknet NFT

If you join their community, you can expect cool rewards like the innovative Flex EVO which comes with benefits such as points for staking and holding, access to tools, goods and exclusive opportunities, free transactions. 

Looking ahead, Flex is dreaming big. Their plan? Evolve into a platform merging real-world assets, gaming, and NFTs.


If you’re into creating NFTs (or a Lego fan), the briq NFT construction platform is a must-check. It runs on Starknet and gives you the perfect space to express your imagination.

Think of it like Lego, but your bricks are NFTs.briq Starknet NFT

On briq, you use “briqs” as building blocks to craft your unique NFTs, mint your art, create sets, sell, transfer, disassemble sets and build something new.

These NFTs are stored securely on the blockchain and can be traded, sold, lent, or used in various dApps and games. 

As it runs on Starknet, briq’s scalability surpasses many other NFT design platforms. People are crazy about it, especially notable collections like briq Portraits and Ducks Everywhere.


Starksheet, a groundbreaking platform on Starknet, redefines the conventional spreadsheet tool. Its intuitive interface simplifies on-chain data manipulation just like regular spreadsheets.

The magic? Your spreadsheet resides on the blockchain and leverages any smart contract data or call functions.Starksheet Starknet NFT

Starksheet spreadsheets reference NFTs and computed values, transforming them into a multi-faceted tool – from a block explorer to a transaction builder, customizable dynamic dashboards, and even a launchpad for DEXs, flash loans, or airdrops.

What distinguishes Starksheet is its dynamic NFTs. Owners can change the cell content while the value dynamically adjusts independently.

Here are some other Starknet NFT protocols you could also consider:

  • AlmanacNFT
  • Element Market

Top Starknet NFT dApps in One Place: Enter the dApp Gallery

Did you know you can access all the hottest Starknet dApps easily from the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet? It’s like a quick pass to Mainnet projects on Starknet – all with a single tap or click. 

Safety’s the name of the game here. The dApp Gallery helps you engage with legitimate projects and avoid potential scams. Heads up though, we can’t promise bug-free or flawless experiences.Starknet DEXs and AMMs dApp Gallery - Braavos Wallet

To enter the dApp Gallery, grab the Braavos Wallet for free and start exploring – no risk involved with the testnet feature. 

Oh, and don’t stop there! Keep growing your Starknet Pro Score for an even more enjoyable ride ahead.

Gamify Your Journey with the Starknet Pro Score

Would you like to have fun while you explore Starknet’s dApps? Say hello to the Starknet Pro Score! It’s your personal tracker, following your interactions across various Starknet dApps. 

Go to the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet, make transactions, and watch that Pro Score shoot up like a rocket.Starknet Pro Score - Braavos Wallet

Want to become a Starknet champ? It’s easy, just check out the ultimate Starknet Pro Score guide. 

It’s your treasure map that gives you all the steps to reach a 100% Pro Score. Ready to level up your Starknet adventure? Have fun and good luck!

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