Starknet Pro Score, the step-by-step guide (including calculation method!)

Discover how the Starknet Pro Score helps to prove your mastery of the Starknet ecosystem. The guide includes the method to reach 100%.
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• Dec 7, 2023
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Starknet Pro Score, the step-by-step guide (including calculation method!)

Are you looking to increase your Starknet Pro Score to 100%, optimize the cost of your exploration, and become recognized as a Pro Score Master?

This guide is made for you! Here, you’ll learn what the Starknet Pro Score is, how it is calculated, and which transactions count.

Master the Starknet ecosystem: introducing the Starknet Pro Score

The Starknet Pro Score is not just a metric; it is your guide to mastering the Starknet ecosystem!

Key advantages of the Starknet Pro Score

  • See your activity: Easily monitor your Starknet dApp interactions.
  • Track progress: Observe how your engagement grows and find new areas to explore.
  • Always available: Access your Pro Score on any device, browser, or mobile wallet.

How the Pro Score works

The Starknet Pro Score is a detailed transaction tracker for Starknet’s ecosystem. It analyzes your dApp interactions, focusing on:

  • Diversity of Engagement: The variety of dApp Gallery protocols you’ve interacted with.
  • Transaction Volume: The total number of transactions you’ve executed.
  • Consistency of Interaction: The duration of your monthly continuous interactions with different protocols.

The score reflects the most relevant and valuable transactions for users, based on on-chain contract interactions.

Achieving excellence with Braavos

Braavos helps you aim for a Pro Score of 100%. It’s more than a tool; it’s your partner in exploring the Starknet ecosystem.
To learn more about the Starknet Pro Score feature, watch this tutorial video:

How is your Starknet Pro Score calculated? 

Here is the formula (this formula is subject to change in the future as Starknet ecosystem matures):

Starknet Pro Score = (O + E + T)/3

Now, let’s break it down so you understand what O, E and T stand for:

represents the number of protocols the user has interacted with out of the total available in the dApp Gallery.

stands for Engagement, measured by the frequency of transactions executed by the account on Starknet.

represents Transactions Over Time, calculated based on transactions conducted over N distinct months.

Starknet Pro Score Formula - Braavos Wallet

The measurement focuses on the longest sequence of consecutive months, within the past 12 months, where the user performed at least one transaction. The percentage value for each duration is as follows:

1 month50%
2 months60%
3 months70%
4 months80%
5 months90%
6 or more months100%

Be aware that your Pro Score may decrease as additional protocols are incorporated into the dApp Gallery.

Starknet Pro Score by Braavos meme 1

Which transactions count into the Starknet Pro Score?

Each dApp on Starknet calls different functions in the transaction that change the blockchain state. Here is the list of the best Starknet dApps and the transactions affecting the Starknet Pro Score.

MySwap CL

  • Swap
  • Provide liquidity

Braavos Stake+

  • Stake ETH
  • Boost ETH


  • Mint Domain


  • Stake
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Mint
  • Buy
  • Sell


  • Add Sheet
  • Mint


  • Evolve


  • Swap


  • Add Liquidity (or Deposit)
  • Remove Liquidity (or Withdraw)
  • Borrow
  • Repay


  • Buy NFT
  • Sell NFT


  • Buy Briqs
  • Mint set ( “Assemble”)
  • Disassemble
  • Transfer set

The Ninth

  • Deposit

Almanac NFT

  • Mint


  • Swap
  • Batch Swap


  • Swap
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity


  • Swap
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity


  • Swap
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity


  • Open Position (Long, Short Call or Put)
  • Close Position
  • Stake Capital
  • Unstake Capital


  • Lend
  • Repay


  • Swap
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity


  • Mint an NFT
  • List an NFT
  • Sell an NFT


  • Supply (add liquidity)
  • Borrow
  • Spend borrow (swap or liquidity provisioning)
  • Stake rTokens
  • Add collateral to existing borrow / supply


  • Fund project (Mint SFT)

Starknet Pro Score by Braavos - Meme 2

Are There More dApps on Starknet?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because Starknet is a dynamic ecosystem teeming with developers, new protocols and projects are initiated every week. However, not all of these are fully operational; some are still in the testing phase.

The list provided earlier highlights projects that can significantly enhance your experience on StarkNet. Consequently, this list, along with the dApp gallery of the Braavos wallet, is regularly updated to feature the best dApps on StarkNet, ensuring you can continue your exploration journey with ease.

Where can I find the list of the best dApps on Starknet?

Relying solely on the StarkNet landscape infographics or other registrars may not be the best way to plan your activities. Instead, the Braavos built-in dApp Gallery would be your preferred resource.

dApp Gallery_Braavos Wallet-Black_3

Pro Score Master role, the ultimate recognition

The Pro Score Master role is awarded to users who achieve a 90% or higher Pro Score on Starknet.

Pro Score Master - Claim the role

The Pro Score Master role holds an equivalent value of 2000 XP. XP allows you to grow your profile within our leaderboard community program on Zealy.

How do you claim your Pro Score Master role?

All details to claim your Pro Score Master role are here:

When you log into the Braavos Server on Discord, you will see the role displayed on your profile. Please note that claiming the role may take up to 30 minutes to become visible.

Pro Score Master Role - Braavos Wallet

Remember, join our monthly community call to stay informed about new integrations and score improvement tips. You can find the schedule in the Events section—make sure to mark it in your calendar:

Celebrate new integration with the Starknet Pro Score spaceship NFTs!

We’ve crafted beautiful Starknet Spaceships NFTs, which celebrate new integrations and partnerships!

By completing simple missions, you’ll get advantages of growing your Starknet Pro Score and be able to claim those commemorative NFTs. Check out here to access the current quest:

Starknet Pro Score Spaceships Collection

How to start your Starknet Pro Score Journey?

Install the mobile or browser-based wallet, navigate to the dApp Gallery, and let’s get started!

Download Braavos wallet here!

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