Starksheet: NFT-Powered Spreadsheets As Versatile Blockchain Tools

Discover Starksheet, the innovative Web3 spreadsheet platform. Find out how it can become a versatile tool for managing any on-chain data.
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• May 18, 2023
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Starksheet: NFT-Powered Spreadsheets As Versatile Blockchain Tools

Starksheet is an innovative platform on Starknet that has given a new perspective on a well-known tool: spreadsheets. Starksheet lets you enter and work with any on-chain data. The magic lies in your spreadsheet existing on the blockchain and using data or call functions from smart contracts.

Let’s explore Starksheet and find out how you can maximize your engagement with this tool via Starknet Pro Score.

Starksheet Snapshot

Check out the profile below for a quick summary of the Starksheet Starknet dApp.

Activity TypeWeb3 spreadsheets
CategoryDeFi, Infrastructure
Launch Date05/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionStarksheet is a Web3 spreadsheet, imagine it as an Excel or Google Sheet designed for the blockchain. It operates entirely on-chain, utilizing the ERC721 standard to store the data you enter. Each entry can be minted as an NFT owned by the person who added it. Each NFT is a dynamic unit that can use any on-chain resource (constant values in NFTs, data or call functions from any smart contract). You have constant access to your work, and you can collaboratively create or modify spreadsheets. Besides Starknet, Starksheet is available on Linea and Optimism.
USPWith Starksheet, you can create spreadsheets with models where cells reference NFTs and computed values. By linking cells, Starksheet transforms into a versatile tool – a block explorer, a transaction builder, a dynamic dashboard with custom plugins, and even a platform to create DEXs, flash loans, and airdrops.

Starksheet is special because it uses dynamic NFTs, also known as programmable NFTs. Unlike traditional NFTs, which typically refer to static images, videos, or audio files, dynamic NFTs contain elements that can change, update, or interact with data sources. In Starksheet, the NFT content is the input formula of the owner and its value is the result of a computation. In other words, while the content is given by the owner and can be updated any time, the value changes independently of owner actions, which makes Starksheet NFTs dynamic.

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Starksheet’s Decentralization Prospects

Is the Starksheet dApp likely to become decentralized? Will there be a Starksheet token? We don’t know yet.

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completedFunded from grants (Gitcoin) and sales

Starksheet Community Overview

Starksheet actively communicates with its community through various social media channels. However, no official campaigns or programs have been announced recently.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsNO
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Discord Memberscc. 700

Starksheet contract data

 Active UsersTransactionsAccount CallsSteps Burned

Data from Starkscan on the December 14, 2023.

Track Your Starksheet Interactions with Pro Score

Do you know you can add some fun to your exploration of Starksheet? We’re talking about Starknet Pro Score. If you’re new to this concept, here’s some help.

Starknet Pro Score is a transaction tracker that monitors your interactions across multiple Starknet dApps, including Starksheet. Using the tool is simple. Access Starksheet through your Braavos wallet’s dApp Gallery and make transactions. Do it regularly, and witness your Pro Score grow.Starksheet Starknet Pro Score - Braavos Wallet

We recommend the following Starksheet transactions to grow your Pro Score:

  • Add Sheet
  • Mint

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Enjoy an exciting journey on Starknet and boost your Pro Score to maximize the fun!

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