Flex Marketplace: Insider Secrets for NFT Traders and Creators

Discover exclusive insights into Flex Marketplace for NFT traders and creators. Learn about rewards to elevate your NFT game.
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• Apr 26, 2023
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Flex Marketplace: Insider Secrets for NFT Traders and Creators

Flex is the first dynamic NFT marketplace exclusively created for Starknet. As a community-driven initiative built by and for the community, Flex marketplace is a fast-evolving, innovative ecosystem that consistently rolls out new offerings and benefits for its loyal users.

Let’s explore what sets Flex Marketplace apart in the world of Starknet NFT marketplaces. Learn how you can leverage your NFT trading and boost your Starknet Pro Score.

Flex Marketplace Snapshot

Find a brief summary of the Flex Starknet dApp in the table below.

Activity TypeNFT marketplace
CategoryNFTs, Infrastructure
Launch Date09/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionFlex is the first dynamic NFT marketplace designed exclusively for Starknet. The hyperflex.market platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface where you can easily browse a wide array of Starknet NFT collections, as well as buy, sell and mint NFTs in just a few clicks.  Moreover, Flex NFT marketplace hosts a launchpad for upcoming projects.​
USPFlex distinguishes itself as a multifaceted and engaging NFT marketplace. Its dedicated launchpad supports new projects by helping them raise funds and enhance visibility. This Starknet NFT marketplace also includes gamification elements that add an engaging and immersive aspect to the user experience. 

Flex has a distinctive approach to rewarding user loyalty, for e.g. the game-changing Flex EVO. Owners of Flex EVO can earn reward points for staking and holding, upgrade their passes to enhance farming bonus points, get access to tools and goods, participate in Rangerz, acquire Flex Land, enjoy zero-fee transactions, etc.

Flex Marketplace’s short-term plans include becoming a platform that integrates real-world assets, gaming and NFTs.

Flex Evo NFT Marketplace on Starknet

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Flex Marketplace’s Decentralization Prospects

Whether Flex will be decentralized has not been communicated yet. This Starknet NFT marketplace is built by RYG.Labs, a Web3 creative agency.

Will there be a Flex token? Yes, the Flex team has been talking about potential $FLEX on their socials.

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completedNo information

Flex Marketplace’s Community Overview

Flex Marketplace makes great efforts to build its community and engages its members with regular campaigns, programs, challenges and NFT giveaways.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
LeaderboardYES for Flex EVO
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Other CampaignsYES
SocialsDiscord: discord.gg/6HvG4ckx9T
Twitter: twitter.com/Flex_strk
Discord Members1.4k

Discover how Flex compares to other NFT marketplaces on Starknet

 All usersTransactions

Data from Starkscan on December 19, 2023.

Explore Flex Marketplace and Grow your Pro Score

Dive into the NFT world on Flex and go deeper into the Starknet ecosystem! Make it a game and flex your skills with your Starknet Pro Score. New to this concept? Here’s some help.Starknet Pro Score - Braavos Wallet

Starknet Pro Score is a dynamic transaction tracker that helps you monitor your engagement with Starknet dApps, like Flex. Your Pro Score reflects your Starknet expertise so you can take part in exciting competitions with other Starknet fans.

How does Pro Score work? It’s simple. Access Flex Marketplace via the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet and make transactions to boost your Pro Score. 

We recommend the following Flex Marketplace transactions to enhance your Starknet Pro Score:

  • Buy NFT
  • Sell NFT

To learn how to achieve 100% proficiency, check out the detailed Starknet Pro Score guide.

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This curated collection safeguards you from fraud or scams, and helps you engage with authentic projects. Yet, keep in mind, while we prioritize secure connections, we cannot guarantee these projects’ absolute reliability or bug-free performance.

To dive into the dApp Gallery, simply download the Braavos Wallet – it’s free and doesn’t require any funds.
Enjoy exploring Starknet and level up your journey by boosting your Pro Score!

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