Pyramid NFT Marketplace: Starknet NFT Trading with Advanced Features

Discover Pyramid: A top NFT Marketplace on Starknet, poised to be a leading player for NFT trading.
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• Jan 5, 2024
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Pyramid NFT Marketplace: Starknet NFT Trading with Advanced Features

Pyramid Marketplace stands as a comprehensive hub showcasing all NFT collections available on Starknet. You can explore and trade various NFTs from projects like, Starknet Social, briq, StarkGuardians, etc.

Take a look at Pyramid’s features below, discover the strategies to maximize your transactions on this Starknet NFT marketplace and how you can boost your Starknet Pro Score.

Pyramid.Market Snapshot

For a quick glimpse into the world of the Pyramid Starknet dApp, take a look at its profile below.

Activity TypeNFT marketplace
CategoryNFTs, Social, Infrastructure
Launch Date08/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionPyramid Marketplace features all NFT collections on Starknet for trading, categorized as Verified, Affiliate Verified, or Unverified. Its dynamic collection page features trending and top collections. You can search for users and collections by their name, contract address, or domain name.
You can view the holders’ list of collections and the number of NFTs a wallet holds for a specific collection. The storefront includes Starknet and Scroll to mint your NFTs on. Pyramid offers self-hosted services without reliance on third-party providers.
USPBy including all Starknet NFT collections, even unverified ones, Pyramid promotes a diversified and extensive trading environment. Advanced search functionalities, an NSFW content censor, and enhanced infrastructure give users a refined trading experience.

Pyramid Market’s Secret Revealed

What was kept hidden is now out in the open. Pyramid is launching key features that will transform the user experience.

Pyramid NFT Marketplace Twitter Announcement - Starknet dApp - Braavos Wallet

In a recent tweet, Pyramid announced its short-term roadmap:
– democratizing NFT creation through a permissionless launchpad 
– facilitating API and infrastructure sharing through a pay-as-you-go model to benefit small teams, 
– introducing analytics, 
– migration to Cairo 1, and 
– making the platform fully available on mobile

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Pyramid Market’s Decentralization Prospects

Is the Pyramid NFT marketplace likely to become decentralized? No specific information has been disclosed about this matter yet. Pyramid.Market is built by Dolven Labs, a DAO-based ecosystem catalyst for Starknet.

Is there a Pyramid token? It hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completedNo information

Pyramid.Market’s Community Overview

Pyramid engages its community members by involving them in exciting campaigns and programs.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
Starknet Pro Score Integration NO
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Other CampaignsYES
Discord Members40k (Dolven Ecosystem)

A comparison of NFT marketplaces on Starknet

 All usersTransactions

Data from Starkscan on December 19, 2023.

Explore Pyramid Market and Boost your Pro Score

Discover NFT Collections on Pyramid Marketplace and delve deeper into the Starknet ecosystem. If you’d like to keep track of your interactions on Starknet and show off your expertise, use the Starknet Pro Score transaction tracker.

Pyramid NFT Marketplace - Starknet dApp - Braavos Wallet

How to use Pro Score? It’s simple. Initiate transactions via the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet to boost your Starknet Pro Score. 

As you grow your Pro Score, you can compete with Starknet enthusiasts and demonstrate your value to the Starknet community.

If you want to know how to reach 100% proficiency, refer to the detailed Starknet Pro Score guide with insights into maximum performance.

Discover More Starknet dApps like Pyramid Market: Enter the dApp Gallery

Are you looking for more Starknet dApps like Pyramid Marketplace? Meet the dApp Gallery on Braavos. No more wasting time searching – this handy feature compiles a range of Mainnet projects at your fingertips.

This curated collection safeguards you from fraud or scams, and helps you engage with authentic projects. Yet, keep in mind, while we prioritize secure connections, we cannot guarantee these projects’ absolute reliability or bug-free performance.

To dive into the dApp Gallery, simply download the Braavos Wallet – it’s free and doesn’t require any funds.

Enjoy exploring Starknet and level up your journey by boosting your Pro Score!

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