Best Starknet DEXs and AMMs: These dApps Are DeFi Superstars

Uncover the top 5 list of DEXs and AMMs revolutionizing DeFi on Starknet. Read on to discover their pros and cons to make an informed decision.
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• Jan 8, 2024
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Best Starknet DEXs and AMMs: These dApps Are DeFi Superstars

Are you looking for trusted ways to trade crypto assets on Starknet? Do you want to select the best one among all Starknet DEXs? We know it can be time-consuming to research options, compare features, and find new opportunities that match your needs. To assist you, here’s some help to make those informed decisions.

Firstly, the Starknet ecosystem hosts a variety of innovative Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) and Automated Market Makers (AMMs) that you should check out.

Below, you can find out about the best Starknet DEXs and AMMs available at the moment. Learn about their pros and cons, and stay on top of the latest innovations.

Top 5 DEXs and AMMs on Starknet

mySwap 5/5: Capital Efficiency and Superior Returns

Pros: User-friendly interface, pioneering Concentrated Liquidity (CL) for superior capital efficiency, best APR in the ETH-USDC pool.

User Appeal: A top choice for its simplicity, efficiency, and concentrated liquidity feature.

The first AMM on Starknet, mySwap features a user-friendly interface for super-easy trading and liquidity provision. Additionally, mySwap continuously innovates for enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

Its game-changing Concentrated Liquidity (mirroring Uniswap v3 on Ethereum) comes with superior capital efficiency. Instead of spreading funds across the price spectrum, CL lets you concentrate your assets within specific ranges, and maximize returns. 

mySwap’s ETH-USDC liquidity pool shines with impressive APRs!


JediSwap 4/5: The Power of ZAP

Pros: Community-led, minimal fees, ZAP feature for easy token conversion, accessible and user-friendly.

Cons: Slightly less emphasis on advanced features.

User Appeal: A solid choice for those seeking simplicity and community-driven projects.

JediSwap is Starknet’s first community-led, fully permissionless DEX, offering low-fee asset swapping and passive income opportunities through liquidity provision.

Moreover, JediSwap’s ZAP feature simplifies the LP process by eliminating multiple manual actions. LPs only need to deposit a single type of asset, which can be automatically converted into a liquidity pair. ZAP is available from Ethereum L1 to Starknet and within Starknet.


SithSwap 4/5: Dual Liquidity

Pros: Dual liquidity AMM, LiquidStakingPools, permissionless BribedPools.

Cons: Complexity may be overwhelming for beginners.

User Appeal: Appeals to users and developers seeking an extensive, adaptable liquidity framework.

Audited by Nethermind, SithSwap stands out with its dual liquidity AMM that adopts the Uniswap V2 architecture with enhancements. It supports both volatile and stable swaps minimal slippage and low fees.

Innovative liquidity incentives like Liquid Staking Pools and permissionless Bribed Pools add extra layers of yield and flexibility.


Ekubo 3.5/5: Precision and Scalability

Pros: Concentrated liquidity, scalable, gas-efficient structure.

Cons: Smaller community support compared to more established DEXs. For advanced crypto enthusiasts only.

User Appeal: Offers efficiency and scalability, making it suitable for users prioritizing cost-effective swaps.

Ekubo is Starknet’s youngest AMM, offering seamless and cost-effective swaps. Similarly to Uniswap v3, Ekubo’s outstanding feature is concentrated liquidity, which allows LPs to target specific price ranges to maximize returns.

Additionally, Ekubo’s singleton design consolidates liquidity pools, delivering a scalable and gas-efficient structure for aggregators.


10k Swap 3/5: Open-Source Dynamics

Pros: Open-source, lower fees, enhanced liquidity, cross-chain liquidity, KLP for versatile trading.

Cons: May require a learning curve for beginners.

User Appeal: A solid option for those interested in an open-source approach and innovative features.

The first open-source AMM on Starknet, 10K Swap, leverages roll-up technology for lower fees and improved liquidity. Furthermore, its enhanced version, 10K Dex, introduces market and limit order options for spot and perpetual contracts.

Focused on Zero-Knowledge Rollups, 10k Dex plans to broaden its reach across multiple chains, thereby simplifying cross-chain liquidity trading. Additionally, 10k Swap’s KLP (collection of assets) feature introduces a new dimension in swapping and leverage trading.


Note: While our ratings are based on a balance of features, usability, and appeal, you should consider your individual preferences and requirements when choosing a Starknet DEX or AMM.

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