Best DeFi dApps On Starknet: Discover Which One Leads The Way

Discover the top 5 DeFi dApps on Starknet to earn the best yields with low gas fees. If you are new to Starknet and aim to generate high yields, this list guides you on where to find success in your mission. Check it out now!
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• Sep 23, 2023
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Best DeFi dApps On Starknet: Discover Which One Leads The Way

Welcome to the fascinating world of DeFi dApps on Starknet. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the top 5 DeFi decentralized applications that are making waves in the Starknet ecosystem. These dApps offer innovative solutions for swapping, lending, borrowing, and more.

Best DeFi dApps on Starknet, The Must-Know List


mySwap is a pioneer in the world of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) on Starknet. It boasts a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and seasoned investors. Additionally, the latest version introduces Concentrated Liquidity, allowing you to concentrate your funds within smaller price ranges for higher returns. Consequently, it is one of the best DeFi dApps on Starknet.


AVNU is a DEX aggregator on Starknet. It provides traders with the best prices, eliminates slippage, offers MEV protection, and enables gasless trading. Currently supporting assets like ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT, and WBTC, AVNU ensures users access competitive prices and a variety of assets. Moreover, it’s also the first DEX audited in Cairo 1.0, guaranteeing security.


JediSwap is a community-led, fully permissionless Starknet AMM. Firstly, it allows you to swap assets with minimal fees and earn passive income by providing liquidity. Additionally, one unique feature is the ZAP function, simplifying the conversion of tokens into Liquidity Pool tokens with a single click. This enables users to ZAP from Ethereum L1 to Starknet and directly on Starknet, thereby saving time and transaction fees.


zkLend is a user-friendly, secure, and efficient money-market platform for lending and borrowing. Primarily, it’s designed for individual users to lend and borrow digital assets directly from their wallets. Moreover, with zkLend, you can earn interest by depositing assets or use them as collateral for borrowing other assets. Additionally, zkLend also offers Flash Loans for complex transactions and an institutional platform for DeFi markets.


Ekubo introduces Concentrated Liquidity, thereby allowing liquidity providers to choose their preferred price ranges with precision. This customization maximizes capital efficiency and flexibility, consequently resulting in more efficient LPs and better execution for traders. Furthermore, Ekubo’s singleton design reduces gas costs for aggregators, and third-party extensions allow developers to build unique features on top of Ekubo. As a result, this protocol is gaining traction and has recently entered the list of the Best DeFi dApps on Starknet.

Other protocols you could also consider

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