JediSwap: Is It The End For This Starknet AMM?

Discover JediSwap, a fully community-led Starknet AMM. Here’s why it’s an interesting choice for Starknet fans.
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• Mar 17, 2023
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JediSwap: Is It The End For This Starknet AMM?

JediSwap has become one of the leading Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Starknet. Recently, Jediswap has been surpassed in Total Value Locked (TVL) by Uniswap V3-type AMMs, which were recently launched on Starknet. Find out what makes JediSwap a core project of the Starknet community and leverage your activities on this protocol using the Starknet Pro Score.

JediSwap Snapshot

For a quick summary of the JediSwap Starknet dApp, check out the table below.

Activity TypeAutomated Market Maker (AMM)
CategoryDecentralized Exchange, DeFi, DAO
Launch DateOn Mainnet since 11/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionThe first community-led, fully permissionless, and composable Starknet AMM. You can swap assets with minimal fees and generate passive income by providing liquidity.
USPJediSwap’s ZAP feature lets you convert any of your tokens into Liquidity Pool tokens in one click. Namely, you can provide liquidity from a single asset to a liquidity pair, and so eliminate multiple manual actions (bridging, swapping, adding liquidity), plus save on time and transaction fees. You can ZAP from Ethereum L1 to Starknet and directly on Starknet.

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JediSwap’s Decentralization Prospects

JediSwap is operated by its community members, the Mesh community and their organization, Mesh Finance. The Mesh Community is a group of people who promote transparency and equal accessibility. One of their major goals is to make sure everyone gets equal access to financial opportunities, without gatekeepers or censorship.

The possibility of a JediSwap token has not been confirmed yet. Still, users actively engaged in their community and contributing to the JediSwap dApp could be rewarded if the community decides to launch such a project. At the moment, contributors can collect so-called Mesh Points, currently, tracked off-chain but planned to be posted on-chain in the near future. Mesh Points will be converted to NFTs that will entitle holders to rewards from various Mesh projects, including possible future token allocations

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completed2 institutional investors (Woodstock Fund and Momentum 6), plus the all-time winner of Gitcoin grants by unique donor count

JediSwap Community Overview

Community is at the heart of JediSwap as this protocol is run by its community members, the Mesh community. The community encourages users to become contributors and earn Mesh points for tasks like development, coding, design, marketing, and community management.

Your Mesh points will eventually be converted into NFTs that can help you establish your Web3 identity by providing proof of your skills as a Mesh contributor. Based on your contribution level and proportion of Mesh points, Mesh NFTs will grant you ownership of future products launched by the Mesh community. 

Besides this unique incentive system, there are regular JediSwap community campaigns and programs worth checking out.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Discord Members99k

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Discover how JediSwap compares to other AMMs on Starknet, see the table below.

 TVLV1 or Concentrated Liquidity (CL)

Data from DeFiLlama and mySwap CL charts on April 8th, 2024.

At the end of 2023, JediSwap boasted the largest Total Value Locked (TVL) on Starknet, amounting to $10 million. However, its dominance waned with the emergence of new competitors, Ekubo and mySwap CL, which both utilize concentrated liquidity. This approach allows for greater capital efficiency. Consequently, users of Ekubo and mySwap CL benefit from higher yields and pay lower fees per swap.

Explore JediSwap and Grow Your Pro Score

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  • Swap
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity

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Enjoy your Starknet journey, discover new dApps, and enhance your Starknet Pro Score!

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