mySwap Starknet DEX: How To Maximize Your Yield

Discover mySwap, the top Starknet AMM known for the highest yield and liquidity. Here’s why it’s a favorite choice of Starknet enthusiasts. Does it have a token yet? Let's find out.
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• Sep 5, 2023
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mySwap Starknet DEX: How To Maximize Your Yield

mySwap leads the way in the Starknet ecosystem as the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Starknet. Discover what distinguishes mySwap in the Starknet AMM world and learn how to maximize your yield.

How To Maximize Your Yield On mySwap

  1. Go to to check the current APRs mySwap offers
  2. Go to and select ‘Add position’

    mySwap Add Position

  3. Add liquidity (for a more detailed explanation of how it works, check out our DeFi Master Guide)

    mySwap How To Add Liquidity

  4. Rebalance when necessary. Rebalancing is the most important step as it allows you to always earn yield!

    mySwap Rebalance to Maximize Yield

mySwap Snapshot

For a brief overview of the mySwap Starknet dApp, take a look at its profile below.

Activity TypeAutomated Market Maker (AMM)
Category Decentralized Exchange, DeFi
Launch Date03/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionThe first AMM on Starknet. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for traders and liquidity providers to interact with the platform, add liquidity, and execute trades. mySwap continuously innovates to improve its functionalities and introduce new features to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for users. The new version features Concentrated Liquidity.
USPmySwap on Starknet is what Uniswap v3 is on Ethereum. Its secret weapon is Concentrated Liquidity (CL) which allows superior capital efficiency. Essentially, it means that you define a targeted price range where your assets provide liquidity. Rather than dispersing their funds across the entire price spectrum (from 0 to infinity), the CL feature lets you concentrate your funds within smaller price ranges to earn higher returns.   mySwap also boasts the best APR, especially for the ETH-USDC liquidity pool.

According to Orbiter, at the beginning of 2024, mySwap is the dApp on Starknet with the 2nd highest number of active accounts.

mySwap dApp - Orbiter Finance - Starknet dApps (1)

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mySwap’s Decentralization Prospects

Will mySwap dApp become decentralized? Is there a mySwap token? It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Still, as a leading AMM, mySwap has a strong profile for decentralization. Moreover, the team is actively investing time and effort into building their community. Keep a close eye on mySwap before its potential Airdrop. You are still early 😎

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completedSeed round of $10M completed in April 2022

mySwap Community Overview


mySwap is actively building its community through exciting campaigns and programs. Their community is an engaging environment where everyone can join in, learn, and participate. There are new quests and NFT giveaways to take part in regularly. Check out their Zealy and follow their socials for updates about upcoming events.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
LeaderboardYES, Zealy 
Starknet Pro Score Integration YES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignYES on Starknet Quest
Other CampaignsYES, Alpha Coins NFTs, Yield Alchemy NFTs, Migration Maestro role
SocialsDiscord: Twitter: Telegram: Questboard: 
Discord Members89k

mySwap’s Tech vs Other AMM’s

Find out how mySwap measures up against other Starknet AMMs in the table below.

 V1 or Concentrated Liquidity (CL)
10K SwapV1

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Explore mySwap and Grow Your Starknet Pro Score

Did you know you can gamify your exploration of mySwap? We’re talking about Starknet Pro Score. If you’re new to this concept, here’s some help. Starknet Pro Score is a convenient tool that tracks your transactions across multiple Starknet dApps, including mySwap. Using the tool is simple. Access mySwap from the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet and make transactions. Do it regularly, and watch your Pro Score soar to new heights. mySwap Starknet Pro Score - Braavos Wallet We recommend making the following types of mySwap transactions to enhance your Starknet Pro Score:

  • Approve
  • Swap
  • Mint

To reach a 100% Pro Score, explore the comprehensive Starknet Pro Score guide with detailed steps to maximize your performance within the Starknet ecosystem.

Discover More Starknet dApps Like mySwap: Enter the dApp Gallery

We know it can be overwhelming to track down promising projects, so here’s some help. The dApp Gallery on Braavos lists Mainnet projects and you can access them with just one click.  It ensures you connect to legitimate projects and avoid fake ones or cloned scams. However, please note that although we facilitate safer connections, we cannot guarantee the projects’ integrity or the absence of bugs.

To access the dApp Gallery, download the Braavos Wallet. It’s free and no funds are needed to use it. You can easily test it using the testnet function.

Don’t forget to have fun on your Starknet journey by boosting your Starknet Pro Score!

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