10K Swap: Reshaping Cross-Chain Liquidity Trading with 10K

Explore 10K Swap, the open-source Starknet AMM offering cross-chain liquidity trading.
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• Apr 12, 2023
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10K Swap: Reshaping Cross-Chain Liquidity Trading with 10K

10K Swap leads the way in the Starknet ecosystem as the first open-source Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Starknet. Its improved version, 10K Dex is set to revolutionize cross-chain liquidity trading.

Discover what distinguishes 10K Swap in the Starknet AMM arena and learn how to show off your trading experience on this protocol using the Starknet Pro Score.

10K Swap Snapshot

For a brief overview of the 10K Swap Starknet dApp, take a look at its profile.

Activity TypeAutomated Market Maker (AMM)
CategoryDecentralized Exchange, DeFi
Launch Date07/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
Description10K Swap is the first open-source AMM deployed on Starknet Mainnet. Thanks to the rollup functionality, it comes with lower fees, less friction and improved liquidity. Users can swap, add liquidity, and refer to a detailed analytics section within this Starknet AMM.
USPThe enhanced version of 10K Swap, known as 10K Dex, improves trading by providing market and limit order options for both spot and perpetual contracts. Focusing on Zero-Knowledge Rollups (zkRollups), 10K Dex plans to broaden its reach across several multi-chain platforms like zkSync Era, Scroll, and Starknet itself. This expansion means that cross-chain liquidity trading will be much simpler and easier.

10K Swap has introduced KLP, a collection of assets (like ETH, BTC, USDC) for swaps and leverage trading. Acquired with any index asset, it’s convertible to others. Its price is based on (total index asset worth with open position gains/losses) / (KLP supply).

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10K Swap’s Decentralization Prospects

10K Swap is developed by 10K X, and its roadmap outlines a phased journey towards decentralization. Ultimately, the plan envisages 10K Swap to become a DAO for fair asset management and decision-making.
Will there be a 10K Swap token? No information has been disclosed about it yet.

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completed1 (Early Adopter Grant from Starknet)

10K Swap Community Overview

10K Swap is actively building its community. They have announced several community campaigns so far, and we believe there are more to come as this Starknet AMM grows.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Other CampaignsYES
SocialsDiscord: discord.gg/T77yphUPB6 
Twitter: twitter.com/10KSwap
Discord Members16k

Discover how 10K Swap compares to other AMMs on Starknet, see the table below.

 V1 or Concentrated Liquidity (CL)

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Explore 10K Swap and Grow Your Pro Score

Did you know your transactions on 10K Swap can also boost your Starknet Pro Score? If you’re new to Pro Score, we’ve got you covered.

This convenient transaction tracker helps you keep tabs on your engagement with 10K Swap and other Starknet dApps. It’s also a fun way to gamify your Starknet journey and show off your mastery of the Starknet ecosystem.

Up for the Starknet adventure? Measure your Starknet Pro Score and compete against other Starknet fans. Participating is easy: go to the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet, access 10K Swap, and make transactions.

10K Swap Starknet Pro Score - Braavos Wallet

Here’s your checklist of 10kSwap transactions that enhance your Starknet Pro Score:

  • Swap
  • Add Liquidity
  • Remove Liquidity

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Enjoy exploring Starknet with its innovative dApps, and enhance your Starknet Pro Score along the way for maximum fun!

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