Starknet Explorer: Which is Better, Starkscan or Voyager?

Let's compare Starkscan and Voyager, two Starknet block explorers, to understand which one to choose.
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• Apr 15, 2024
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Starknet Explorer: Which is Better, Starkscan or Voyager?

Starknet Explorer TL;DR

  • For Starknet developers, Starkscan offers several dev tools: a REST API, a converter, and a contract verifier. 
  • If you need a comprehensive set of analytics tools, Voyager provides 10 different dashboards covering transactions, TVL, STRK, and more.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you are probably familiar with blockchain explorers. These are present on all blockchains, with Etherscan being the most famous.

But do you know why experts use them almost daily? Beyond providing transaction data transparency, blockchain explorers offer in-depth analytics dashboards and tools for developers.

The two major players on Starknet are Voyager and Starkscan. This article offers you a comparison table and a brief description to decide which one is right for you!

Voyager or Starkscan: Which Starknet Block Explorer is Made for You? 

Although they may look similar, they are built differently to cater to two distinct groups of users. Find some quick guidance in the summary table below:

Block details (transactions, contracts etc.)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Analytics Dashboards⭐⭐⭐
STRK Dashboard
Developer Tools⭐⭐⭐
Starkscan REST API Subscription
Starknet RPC Request Builder

Starkscan: The Dev-Oriented Starknet Explorer

Are you a Starknet developer? Starkscan is a Starknet explorer equipped with advanced developer tools. To utilize Starkscan’s analytics and dev tools, simply navigate to one of the tabs on their website.

Starkscan Starket Explorer Menu

For example, one of the most used developer tools on Starkscan is the ‘Verify Contract’. You can find it by selecting ‘Developer’ and then ‘Verify Contract’.

Starkscan Verify Contract

But what sets Starkscan apart from Voyager is its Starkscan REST API subscription plan.

Starkscan Starknet REST API

Overall, Starkscan offers an extensive range of developer tools such as a converter, a contract verifier and an address book.

Starkscan Developer Menu

Are you interested in learning more about Starkscan? Find a comprehensive guide to Starkscan here.

Voyager: The Starknet Explorer To Find Starknet Data

Voyager, is a Starknet explorer focused on analytics and dashboards. By selecting ‘Data’ and then ‘Analytics’ you can find dashboards about 9 data types.

Voyager Starknet Explorer Menu

Here is what Voyager’s Analytics dashboards look like:

Voyager Starknet Explorer Dashboard

You can explore transactions, fees, total value locked, and many other captivating dashboards. With these tools, you’re equipped to understand every interaction occurring on Starknet.

Voyager also features a Starknet Provisions Dashboard that delivers real-time insights into the newly launched STRK token, including the number of STRK claimed, eligible users, and token provisions allocation. You can access it by clicking on the ‘STRK DASHBOARD’ button at the top of their website.

Starknet Provisions Dashboard

This is just a brief summary of what Voyager can offer. To learn more, access a complete guide to Voyager here.

In The End, Is Voyager Or Starkscan The Best Starknet Explorer?

The answer depends on your needs. If you are a developer, Starkscan’s offering might be exactly what you need.

If your goal is to understand Starknet through its data, Voyager can provide the necessary insights.

Both Starknet explorer can be accessed and set as the default in your Braavos wallet. If you use a Multi-Owner Account (MOA) designed for builder teams, you will find a link that offers insights into your transactions. You can choose whether this link opens Starkscan, Voyager, or Viewblock, a third option. To set this up, open the wallet menu, navigate to “Preferred Block Explorer,” and select your favorite.

Aren’t you familiar with Braavos, the wallet designed for Starknet builders?

Setting your favorite explorer is just one of the many capabilities that Braavos offers to builders.

The most popular feature among builders is undoubtedly the Multi-Owner Account, a next-generation multi-signature solution that enables decentralized decision-making. It supports up to seven owners per account! To discover what this multi-signature solution can offer you, especially regarding security, visit the Multi-Owner Account feature page.

On the technical side, you can use the wallet on Sepolia and a dedicated builder’s network. You can enable “Headless Wallet Mode” or modify the node host and port settings.

You should give it a try! Download Braavos Wallet now. It’s free to use, and no funds are required to start!

Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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