Starknet Pro Score,
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Starknet Pro Score,<br>Master the Starknet Ecosystem
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Braavos Exclusive

Censorship Resistant

Account Abstraction

Crypto Innovation

This shows your proficiency on Starknet, transforming your interactions with Starknet into a recognized community status.

It proves your mastery of the entire Starknet ecosystem!

The Pro Score is a transaction tracker for Starknet that monitors and analyzes your dApp interactions on the blockchain.

The score is calculated based on:
– The ratio of dApp Gallery protocols with which you have interacted.
– The total number of transactions you have executed.
– The duration of your consecutive monthly interactions with protocols.

For detailed insights on these transactions, visit the Starknet Pro Score Guide on our blog.

We regularly discuss new dApp integrations in our community calls and highlight unique dApps in the ‘Starknet Pro Score – Spaceships’ NFT Collection, claimable on the Starknet Quest platform.

Achieving a score of 90% or higher earns you the ‘Pro Score Master’ title, a prestigious distinction within The Braavos Community.

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