My Wallet Has $150K in It, and Here Is the Seed Phrase

Join the Braavos Capture the Flag Challenge and See Why Seed Phrases Are Becoming Obsolete in a decentralized 2FA World.
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• Feb 6, 2024
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My Wallet Has $150K in It, and Here Is the Seed Phrase

Braavos, at the forefront of account abstraction technology, invites you to our Capture the Flag Challenge. We’re revealing the seed phrase for a wallet, one of whose accounts contains $150,000 in USDC. This account is protected by Braavos’ Hardware Signer 2FA security, leveraging a mobile device’s security chip (such as the Secure Enclave) and the user’s biometric identity for transaction signing authentication. For more information about the Hardware Signer, please check out the Account Abstraction Security Pyramid.

If you would like to review and tinker with the account contract code, you can find it in the Braavos repository:


The challenge is open from 8:00 am UTC on February 7th to 7:59 am UTC on February 10th. If you successfully manage to move the funds to your wallet, you get to keep them.

How to Participate?

To join, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your Starknet wallet
    You need a Braavos wallet to get the $150,000 in USDC. If you don’t have one, you can download the Chrome extension from here: In any case, make sure you have the latest version 3.36.1

  2. Wait for the seed phrase
    We will share the seed phrase in this article at 08:00 am UTC (12:00 am PST) on February 7th.
    It will be released at the same time on Twitter:

    Seed Phrase:
    family nature fashion project scrub obscure bus crop coconut ship person winner

  3. Recover the wallet
    Use the seed phrase to recover the account on your app and see the 150,000 USDC with your own eyes. If you wonder how to recover a wallet with a new seed phrase? Here is a guide.
  4. Start hacking
    If you can transfer the funds or part of them to your own Braavos wallet, you get to keep them.

You have until 07:59 am UTC on February 10 (11:59 pm PST on February 9th) to try and hack the account. Then, the challenge will be over and funds will be removed from the account.

Why Choose Braavos?

Braavos aims to revolutionize the crypto user experience by alleviating the complexities and obstacles typically encountered, transferring the burden from the user to the software. Security, a paramount concern in the crypto world, often complicates user experience. The traditional reliance on seed phrases for security has repeatedly shown vulnerabilities, notably making users susceptible to phishing attacks and malware. Recognizing this, Braavos introduced the Hardware Signer 2FA over a year ago. This innovation secures transactions through two factors: something you have (your mobile device) and something you are (your biometric data, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), moving beyond the limited security of something you know (the Seed Phrase). This approach streamlines transaction signing, making it as straightforward as using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The purpose of this challenge is to demonstrate that seed phrases are becoming a relic of the past. By leveraging Starknet’s account abstraction, Braavos is at the forefront of offering superior security measures and a vastly improved user experience (UX).

Are user funds Safe?

It’s important to understand that this challenge utilizes a new Cairo2 Braavos account contract, audited by Nethermind. Furthermore, this contract is not the one currently used by Braavos users, so user funds remain secure and unaffected by the challenge’s outcome.

Join the Challenge

Are you ready to showcase your prowess? Like us, are you eager to prove that seed phrase security should be a thing of the past? Join us. Participate in this challenge to demonstrate your skills, deepen your understanding of crypto security, and potentially win $150,000.

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