1,000,000 STRK Raffle – Get More STRK With Your Braavos Wallet!

Discover Braavos' epic raffle of 1,000,000 STRK tokens and 25,000 OG6 roles. If you missed the Starknet airdrop, here is your chance to win STRK!
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• Feb 13, 2024
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1,000,000 STRK Raffle – Get More STRK With Your Braavos Wallet!

IMPORTANT: The 1,000,000 STRK Raffle ended on April 14th, 2024, at 23:59 UTC.
If you can not participate anymore, winners can still claim their rewards. 

What next?
The Braavos Nation is committed to a new challenge: the Starknet DeFi Spring.

This is a gamified way to earn STRK token and explore the DeFi on Starknet.
Visit the guide here ->Starknet DeFi Spring Master Guide

Big Win With Your Braavos Wallet

Braavos is making waves in the Starknet ecosystem, unleashing an epic raffle of 1,000,000 STRK tokens and 25,000 OG6 roles. This is your chance to kick off your Starknet Journey or increase your STRK portfolio.

The raffle is our way of saying a massive thank you to the Braavosians for their support and offering a new chance to those left wanting more from the Starknet Airdrop.

Whether you’re a Starknet newcomer or a seasoned vet looking to get more STRK tokens, this raffle is for you!

1 account = your first spin

The standard spin

  • If you have a Braavos account, connect your wallet and spin.

That’s it! 

Please ensure your account is deployed on-chain with the latest Cairo2 version. You do not need to purchase tickets to enter the Raffle.

Get a second spin!

The Bonus Spin

To be eligible to participate in the additional bonus spin of the raffle, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have a Starknet Pro Score above 70%, as visible in your Braavos Wallet.


  • Get at least 100 STRK to your account directly from the Starknet airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participation

  1. Download and install the Braavos Wallet – Your gateway to Starknet, available on desktop and mobile.
  2. Deploy your account on-chain – Make your first transaction or activate it from your account settings. See our installation guide here.
  3. Go to 1-million-strk-raffle.braavos.app and follow the dApp step-by-step instructions.
  4. Spin the slot machine – Your shot at additional STRK awaits.
  5. Claim Your STRK and OG roles (Starting Feb 20th, 13:00 UTC) – Are you one of the lucky winners? Come back to the slot machine app to claim your rewards.

    1,000,000 STRK Raffle - Starknet Airdrop - Braavos Wallet

The 1,000,000 STRK Raffle & Beyond

With 61,110 rewards up for grabs, the race is on. Play today and win big before the 1,000,000 STRK rewards run dry.

Rewards#WinnersTotal STRK
10,000 STRK10100,000
1,000 STRK100100,000
100 STRK1000100,000
20 STRK35,000700,000
OG6 Roles25,000

Should you win STRK tokens, you will be required to cover the small transaction gas fee to claim your prize.

Don’t Wait – Act!

On Feb 20th, Starknet’s activity is set to be huge. So it’s recommended to be ready in advance! Download Braavos and set up your wallet, and join the new generation of crypto users!

Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Dive into our Terms and Conditions for any burning questions, or reach out to our team for real-time assistance on Discord’s dedicated support channels.

To know more about the Starknet Pro Score and how to grow it,
read our guide here. To get the “Faceless role” of Braavos, complete a simple mission on our questboard here.

Participation is open to all Braavos wallet users with deployed accounts!

Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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