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How to Recover a Braavos Wallet

Last update - February 7, 2024

Forgot your wallet password? Or did you get a new laptop and want to get Braavos on it with your existing accounts? You can always gain access to your accounts using the seed phrase you must have written down, right?
Here is how.

Start with a Fresh Install of the Braavos Wallet

Remove the Braavos Wallet extension from your browser, and install a fresh version.

Use seed recovery phrase

  1. Open the Wallet. Click on ‘Get started’ and then click ‘Import Your Braavos Wallet‘ at the bottom of the popup window
    How to Recover a Braavos Wallet_3
  2. Carefully enter your 12 phrases, at the right order.
    In case some word is not a valid word for recovery, you will see an exclamation mark next to it.
    Create a password - With Biometric Face ID - Braavos
  3. Once done, click ‘Next‘.

Set a new password

  1. Now you need to set a new password to protect your account.
    Choose a strong password and re-enter it. Make sure you remember it this time!
  2. Wait for the recovery to complete.
    It should take only a few seconds until you know if it succeeded.


In case youโ€™ve entered the recovery phrase correctly, you will have your accounts available in the new Wallet ๐ŸŽ‰ ๐Ÿ‘


In case the phrase was incorrect, you will get a ‘Failed to recover wallet’ message. In this case, go over the process again and hopefully, you will get it right this time โ™ป๏ธ