Braavos Wallet Raffle Game Terms and Conditions

Here is the Braavos Wallet Raffle Game (the "Raffle"), hosted by FreeBraavos LTD (“Braavos”)
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• Feb 14, 2024
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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Braavos Wallet Raffle Game (the “Raffle”), hosted by FreeBraavos LTD (“Braavos”). These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern your participation in the Raffle, where eligible users can win prizes in the form of STRK tokens and Discord community roles. By entering the Raffle, you agree to be bound by these Terms. Please read them carefully.

2. Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Raffle, you must:

  • Be a user of the Braavos Wallet.
  • Have your account deployed on-chain through the wallet app’s user interface (UI). Specifically, no scripting allowed for the deployment process.
  • Be at least 18 years old or of legal age in your jurisdiction of residence.
  • Not be an employee, officer, or immediate family member of employees or officers of the Braavos Wallet or any of its affiliates.

Furthermore, to be eligible to participate in the bonus round of the raffle, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have a Starknet Pro Score above 70%, as visible in your Braavos Wallet.
  • You got at least 100 STRK to your account directly from the Starknet airdrop.

3. Raffle Period

The Raffle starts on February 14, 2024, and ends on April 14, 2024, or as soon as all prizes have been allocated to winners, whichever comes first. Braavos reserves the right to extend the Raffle at its sole discretion. Entries submitted outside of the Raffle Period will not be eligible.

4. How to Participate

Eligible users are invited to visit the Raffle decentralized application (dApp) at, connect their wallet, and follow the on-screen instructions to participate. No purchase of tickets is necessary to enter the Raffle. Should you win STRK tokens, you will be required to cover the transaction gas fee to claim your prize.

5. Prizes

The Raffle will allocate the following rewards among participants:

Rewards#WinnersTotal STRK
10,000 STRK10100,000
1,000 STRK100100,000
100 STRK1000100,000
20 STRK35,000700,000
OG#6 Roles25,000 

(*) It is possible for participants to win two prizes: one in the standard spin and another in the bonus spin.

Please note, the allocation of all prizes is predicated on the participation of approximately 2,000,000 participants in the raffle. The following section details the selection process for winners.

Winners will be eligible to claim their STRK tokens and Discord roles only after the Starknet Provisioning event begins or after February 20, 2024, whichever comes later. All prizes must be claimed within the period extending to 14 days after the raffle ends.

To claim STRK tokens, winners are required to initiate a claim transaction from their Braavos account (the same one used to enter the raffle) through the Raffle dApp.

To claim the OG-6 Discord Community Role, winners must be active users and members of the Braavos Discord server and follow the instructions provided in the Raffle dApp.

Note that you can claim the OG-6 role only once, even if you won it in both the standard and the bonus spin.

Winners are solely responsible for any taxes on their prizes.

6. Selection of Winners

Winners will be determined through a random order process among up to 2,000,000 potential participants. Before the raffle begins, the system will generate an array of 2,000,000 elements. Each element in this array will be randomly set to 0 (indicating no win) or to a specific integer that represents the number of STRK tokens won (25, 100, 1000, 10000) or ‘OG6’ for the OG#6 community role.

During the raffle, two indices will traverse this array: the “standard spin” index will start from the beginning of the array, while the “bonus spin” index will begin from the array’s end. For each standard spin, the “standard spin” index will advance by one position. Conversely, the “bonus spin” index will move back by one position for every third bonus spin. Whether a user wins or loses is determined by the value located at the current index of the array at the moment the raffle app server receives the signed spin request.

The sha256 hash for the raffle prizes array is: 5fe654c7278dcb3c1364076f2f45a1013f5423b8169d3c8ffdd431845b9d4d12

7. Notification of Winners

Participants in the raffle will immediately see their “spin the slot” results in an interactive manner, seconds after clicking on the “spin” button, thanks to the raffle dApp. Both winners and losers will receive a clear indication of their outcome directly through the dApp interface. In the event of any malfunction or discrepancy between the dApp UI and the Raffle backend server, the information held on the raffle backend server will take precedence.

Should a winner fail to claim their prize within 14 days following the raffle’s conclusion, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from that winner.

8. General Conditions

We reserve the right to cancel, suspend, or amend the Raffle, without notice, for any reason, including, without limitation, if we determine that the Raffle cannot be conducted as planned or should a virus, bug, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or other causes beyond our control corrupt the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Raffle.

By participating in the Raffle, participants agree to release and hold harmless Braavos and the Braavos Wallet, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against any claim or cause of action arising out of participation in the Raffle or receipt or use of any prize.

9. Privacy

We will use any personal information you provide in connection with the Raffle in accordance with our privacy policy (, including for the purposes of administering the Raffle and distributing prizes.

10. Governing Law; Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Israel.  Any dispute arising under or in relation to these Terms shall be resolved in the competent courts situated in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel and Participant hereby submits irrevocably to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.

11. Agreement to Terms

By participating in the Raffle, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms.

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