Why does Nostra have the largest TVL on Starknet?

Discover Nostra, a top Starknet liquidity protocol. Understand how the innovative Liquidity Layer and ERC-20 "DeFi Legos" can enhance your strategy.
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• Mar 14, 2024
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Why does Nostra have the largest TVL on Starknet?

Nostra Finance is a comprehensive DeFi dApp on Starknet that enables easy lending, borrowing, and trading. It functions as a liquidity protocol, aiming to match the efficiency of centralized exchanges in the decentralized space. Why does Nostra have the largest TVL on Starknet? What strategies have they used to achieve this growth? Let’s discover why in this article.

Nostra Finance Snapshot

Activity TypeLiquidity protocol, Lending, Borrowing
Launch Date08/2022
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionNostra is a Starknet liquidity protocol where you can lend, borrow, and trade as efficiently as on centralized exchanges. Drawing inspiration from established money markets like Compound, Aave, and Uniswap, Nostra introduces novel features that optimize capital efficiency and composability within the low gas fee environment of Starknet. Being permissionless and non-custodial, Nostra empowers users to interact with crypto assets without intermediaries, ensuring full control over their holdings. Nostra takes advantage of Starknet’s significantly lower transaction fees. This is how it aims to make DeFi activities financially accessible to a wider audience.
USP With a focus on mass retail adoption, Nostra aims to become the Crypto Super App. The core features of Nostra include:
  • Lending: Deposit crypto to lend and earn interest.
  • Borrowing: Use deposits as collateral to borrow crypto assets.
  • Swapping: Leveraging liquidity pools for seamless and low-fee crypto trading.
Some other unique features include preventing your collateral from being borrowed to minimize your liquidity risk and the ability to create multiple sub-accounts to ring-fence your assets. Nostra is also the first money market to introduce four types of asset positions as ERC-20 tokens. These “DeFi legos” let you combine different use cases, like using them as collateral in other protocols and boosting yields in liquidity pools. Security is paramount for Nostra, with audits by Trail of Bits and ongoing bug bounties. Nostra Money Market supports flash loans. With smart contracts, you can get instant loans without any collateral.

Here is a graph that illustrates what role Nostra takes compared to Starknet and Ethereum:

Nostra Crypto Super App - Starknet DeFi dApp

Nostra’s Decentralization Prospects

Will Nostra be decentralized? We don’t know yet, the roadmap to decentralization for the Nostra dApp remains undisclosed. Is there a Nostra Finance token? While there is currently no native Nostra token in circulation, the Nostra team has already mentioned the possibility of introducing the NOS token in the future.

Nostra token NOS - Starknet DeFi dApp

Nostra has accumulated a significant amount of TVL by introducing a point system. Users earn points for lending, borrowing, and providing liquidity to their protocol. The real magic comes from the referral feature: you earn 10% of your referees’ points. This has made Nostra’s leaderboard go viral and spurred unprecedented growth on Starknet.Nostra Points Program

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completed2 investors: Lemniscap & Nym Technologies SA

Nostra Community Overview

Nostra is building its La Famiglia community and involves its members in engaging campaigns, programs, and quests. In the Nostra Points Program, you can earn Nostra Points for lending, borrowing, and referrals. You can compete with other Nostra fans to climb the leaderboard and secure your position in the La Famiglia community.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Other CampaignsYES, NFT projects
SocialsDiscord: discord.gg/nostrafinance  Twitter: twitter.com/nostrafinance  Telegram: https://www.t.me/nostrafinance 
Discord Members89k

Explore Nostra Finance and Boost your Pro Score

Nostra Finance is featured in the dApp Gallery on Braavos. This integration allows seamless interaction with the Starknet Pro Score transaction tracker. If you’re new to Pro Score, find out more about it below.

As you make transactions on Nostra, your actions automatically grow your Pro Score. Try to achieve 100% to show off your expertise in the Starknet ecosystem. Recommended Nostra transactions to grow your Starknet Pro Score:  

  • Lend
  • Repay

Learn more about the Starknet Pro Score with the comprehensive guide below. It gives you detailed steps to maximize your performance within the Starknet ecosystem.

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