The Ninth: Why Is This Starknet Game a Hidden Gem?

Discover the immersive end-of-the-world on-chain game on Starknet. Learn about its mysteries and why you want to be playing the Ninth.
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• Mar 26, 2023
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The Ninth: Why Is This Starknet Game a Hidden Gem?

One of the most popular games within Starknet’s on-chain gaming universe is The Ninth. This metaverse game offers limitless possibilities to players in a constantly evolving world. By simulating human responses to an end-of-the-world crisis, it broadcasts humanity’s fate in real time. Its dynamic ecosystem ensures endless entertainment for both seasoned gamers and newcomers.

Learn how you can integrate The Ninth into your Starknet journey and find out how your gameplay enhances your Starknet Pro Score.

The Ninth Snapshot

Find a brief overview of this Starknet dApp in the table below.

Activity TypeOn-Chain Game
Launch Date03/2021
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionThe Ninth is an on-chain gaming ecosystem on Starknet. At its core, it is a metaverse of immersive player-versus-player (PVP) arena games. Players can engage in exciting competitions using their NFT equipment created through staking.

Players will find themselves in an end-of-the-world situation that simulates human reactions during an end-time crisis. The Ninth gives a real-time depiction of humanity’s fate, resembling a global broadcast of the world’s end.

This Starknet game features nine distinct arena games, each offering its own unique challenges and gameplay dynamics. You can buy land and host arena competitions on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Players can also organize private or open games and socialize with other players.
USPAs a fully on-chain game that is player-made and evolves in real time, The Ninth redefines gaming by giving players unprecedented control to shape the game’s evolution. Besides playing a game character, players are also creators of this world and writers of its story. You can customize and extend the game’s smart contracts and craft unique experiences as both a character and a creator.

The Ninth has a thorough token economy involving land ownership and participation in competitions. Items such as equipment, prop, and character NFTs are not restricted to a single game. They can be repurposed as vital assets in any game within its ecosystem through combinations, reminting, or direct conversion.

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The Ninth’s Decentralization Prospects

If the Ninth dApp will become decentralized has not been communicated yet.

Is there a Ninth token? Yes, it’s called $NOAH, an ERC-20 token serving as the in-game asset for The Ninth.

Noah Token - The Ninth dApp - Braavos Wallet
How can you get NOAH tokens? You can use $NOAH across all games within The Ninth). Currently, the only way to collect $NOAH is by playing Seance, one of the Ninth games. From time to time, they organize mini-game events where you can earn NOAH rewards by participating and playing games.

Token distribution roadmapNot communicated
Decentralization roadmapNot communicated
Investment rounds completedNo information

The Ninth Community Overview

The Ninth actively fosters its community by organizing engaging campaigns and events. Periodically, they host in-game events that offer opportunities to earn rewards such as NFTs and the native NOAH token.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Other CampaignsNO
Discord Members3k

Here is a comparison table of Starknet Games.

 Active UsersTransactions
The Ninth1,6954,618
Loot Survivor94537,316

Data from Starkscan on December 15, 2023.

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