Best dApps Games on Starknet: 4 Gems to Explore Today

Explore Starknet’s exciting dApps games world. Discover thrilling adventures and find the perfect match for your gaming style.
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• Aug 9, 2023
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Best dApps Games on Starknet: 4 Gems to Explore Today

The Starknet ecosystem has expanded significantly with several on-chain games over the past few years. This article introduces 4 dApps games that have recently surged in popularity and now boast a substantial fan base within the Starknet gaming community. 

These Starknet dApps games are pioneers of innovation combining exciting gameplay with unparalleled player autonomy, all powered by revolutionary technology.

Come along as we explore Starknet’s best dApps games, featuring dynamic gaming experiences, innovative game development, and busy gaming marketplaces. Whether you’re a gamer or a gamer developer, these top dApps games are ones to keep an eye on.

Best dApps Games on Starknet, The List (Must-See)


The games ecosystem called Realms World hosts a variety of on-chain Starknet games like strategy, adventure, and PvP.

Realms World on-chain dApps Game - Braavos Wallet

Realms NFTs and fungible tokens are denominated in Realm’s native currency, the LORDS token ($LORDS). 

All Realms games run on Starknet so you can engage in fast, secure transactions and own in-game assets as NFTs in an autonomous world without central authority.


Loot Survivor

Loot Survivor is a survival game that involves battling beasts and collecting gear. Players face over 70 beasts and numerous obstacles.Loot Survivor Starknet dApps Games - Braavos Wallet

To play, invest a small amount of $LORDS, select a weapon and name your adventurer. Each round is unique with increasing difficulty.

You need both skill and strategy to become a top survivor and dominate the leaderboard.



GoL2 is an on-chain adaptation of John Conway’s classic Game of Life.

Realms World on-chain dApps Game - Braavos Wallet

In this Starknet game, you create initial configurations on a grid and then witness how the cells evolve according to specific rules in infinite or creator modes.

Earn GOL tokens while learning about smart contracts in an interactive manner.


The Ninth

The Ninth is a Starknet game offering immersive PvP arena games that are player-made and evolve real-time.

The Ninth Best Starknet dApps Game - Braavos Wallet

Stake NFT equipment in a dynamic ecosystem set in an end-of-the-world scenario. 

Shape the game’s narrative and smart contracts while utilizing NFT items across the entire ecosystem.

Other Starknet dApps games to consider

  • Influence NFT game


Best Starknet dApps Games in One Place: Enter the dApp Gallery

Tracking down relevant Starknet dApps could take hours so save that time and spend it on exploring the top dApps on Starknet. You can easily access all the hottest Starknet dApps from your Braavos wallet’s dApp Gallery.

The dApp Gallery makes sure you engage with authentic projects and avoid potential scams. Still, please note, we cannot guarantee the projects’ integrity or bug-free experiences.

How to access the dApp Gallery? Simply download the Braavos Wallet for free and start discovering the top Starknet dApps. 

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Gamify Your Journey with the Starknet Pro Score

Exploring Starknet dApps is a rewarding experience on its own. Would you like to make it fun too? Then check your Starknet Pro Score.

What’s Pro Score? It’s a convenient tool for tracking your interactions across various Starknet dApps.

How to use Pro Score? Easy, just go to the dApp Gallery in your Braavos wallet, visit one of these dApps like one of the games listed above, make transactions, and your Pro Score will grow.Best Games on Starknet - Starknet Pro Score - Braavos Wallet

The best way to become a Starknet superstar is to refer to the comprehensive Starknet Pro Score guide. It gives you insights to reach a 100% Pro Score. 

Enjoy your Starknet journey and good luck!

Bertrand Blancheton

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