Loot Survivor: Mastering Strategy with Unique Single-Life Gameplay

Discover the fascinating dynamics of Starknet’s survival game. Learn about its one-life-per-session gameplay and why this gaming gem is a community favorite.
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• Jan 17, 2024
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Loot Survivor: Mastering Strategy with Unique Single-Life Gameplay

Loot Survivor is an open-source, entirely on-chain game. It draws inspiration from Dom Hoffman’s Loot project, launched in August 2022, and transforms the Loot Lore into an immersive survival game with an addictive edge. 

The original Loot contract features randomly generated text descriptions of fantasy items, such as weapons and armor, stored as NFTs without accompanying images or metadata. Its simplicity and potential for community-driven development attracted attention and inspired creators to build games, stories, or experiences around these items. Despite its minimalistic nature, Loot gained significant interest within the NFT and blockchain communities, sparking derivative projects like the Loot Survivor game and numerous experiments that utilize Loot items as a foundation for creativity and innovation in the blockchain space.

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Loot Survivor Snapshot

Here is what the game looks like.Loot Survivor In Game

Find a brief overview of the Loot Survivor Starknet dApp in the table below.

Activity TypeOn-Chain Game
CategoryGames, NFTs
Launch Date06/2023
AvailabilityMainnet & Testnet
DescriptionLoot Survivor is an open-source roguelike, survival game on Starknet. Players navigate Play2Die adventures, trying to defeat various types of beasts and collect gear to stay alive. There are over 70 beasts, 60 obstacles, and numerous weapons to interact with.

The Loot Survivor game essentially works as an on-chain arcade machine, so you need to invest a small amount of $LORDS to play. You choose a weapon and name your adventurer. Each play-through is unique and the game has no end-point. Instead, each level becomes progressively more challenging. Your objective is to score high, live for eternity, and ultimately secure the top position on the immutable leaderboard as the most skillful player.
USPLoot Survivor is a fusion of personalized gameplay and non-stop challenges. The aim is not just survival but the pursuit of mastery. As a pay-per-session strategy game, players have a single life to explore, upgrade weapons, battle beasts, and earn rewards. With the advantage of a single life, players can swiftly start new in-game sessions without risking substantial NFT investments if their hero dies.

This Starknet game rewards skillful and strategic gameplay and creates an environment where the most adept players build their legacy as the ultimate survivors in an ever-evolving competition.

Loot Survivor’s Decentralization Prospects

The Loot Survivor dApp is built by Bibliotheca DAO and its community. It is part of the Realms universe, a fantasy multiverse hosting fully on-chain games.

Is there a Loot Survivor token? Yes, it is called the LORDS token. How can you get $LORDS? You can purchase LORDS tokens on open markets or earn them through your activities in Realms World games like staking Realms or trading resources generated within the Realms.

The LORDS token is essential to play Loot Survivor on the Mainnet. It costs 25 LORDS per game (or a Golden Token for a daily game) and requires ETH to cover gas fees. 

Token distribution roadmapYES
Decentralization roadmapNot applicable
Investment rounds completedNot applicable

Loot Survivor Community Overview

The community around Loot Survivor is tightly knit to the Realms World and Bibliotheca DAO community which aims to create a universe of fully on-chain, eternal games on the blockchain.

As community-driven initiatives, Loot Survivor and Realms games consistently involve their community members through exciting campaigns and programs.

Community Campaigns and ProgramsYES
Starknet Pro Score IntegrationYES
Starknet Pro Score CampaignTBD
Other CampaignsYES
SocialsDiscord: discord.gg/realmsworld 
Twitter: twitter.com/lootrealms 
Github: https://github.com/BibliothecaDAO/loot-survivor
Discord Members8k

The statistics of the two NFT collections linked to Realms games are remarkable. The popularity and value of these Starknet gaming NFTs stand as a testament to the robust support the Loot Survivor and Realms community enjoys.Loot Realms

 Total VolumeFloor PriceUnique Owners
Loot (for Adventurers)76,066 ETH0.3808 ETH2,505
Realms (for Adventurers)6,9062 ETH0.55 ETH464

Data from OpenSea on the 12th of December 2023.

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