Daily Spending Limit: low fees & high security

Benefit from Starknet’s low transaction costs for small transactions
Enjoy 2FA & 3FA security for important transactions
Safeguard your funds against phishing attacks
Daily Spending Limit: low fees & high security

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Enjoy low gas fees for small transactions and biometric 2FA security for larger ones.

You enjoy the lowest gas fees in the Ethereum ecosystem while staying protected by biometric 2FA security.

The Daily Spending Limit lets you enjoy Starknet’s low gas fees and Braavos security.

With the Daily Spending Limit, you can use the Seed Signer to pay low gas fees ($0.002) for small transactions. At the same time, you benefit from the high security of the 2FA Hardware Signer or the 3FA Multi-Signer for larger transactions. This added security comes with an extra gas cost of just a few cents.

By default, once the Daily Spending Limit is enabled, the 2FA Hardware Signer is activated for transactions over $50. However, you can adjust this threshold to any amount you prefer.

For example, a $5 transaction will only need 1FA (Seed Signer) by default. A $150 transaction will require either 2FA (Hardware Signer) or 3FA (Multi-Signer), depending on the security level you choose.

This setup lets you pay low gas fees (only $0.002 for transfers) for small transactions. For larger, more critical transactions, you can use 2FA or 3FA and afford the additional cost of just a few cents.

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