Join the Game for NFTs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Play Starkfighter and mint NFTs

In this guide, we will explain how to access the game for free, have fun and, of course, mint your NFT!

• May 5, 2023

• 4 min read




We are thrilled to announce that Starkfighter, the mini-game where players can compete for over $12,000 in prizes, will be releasing three exclusive NFTs!

With over 17,000 players, Starkfighter has become a huge success, offering entertainment for both Starknet community members and Braavosians. Today, we are excited to reveal the drop of three exclusive NFTs that will reward all participants based on their performance.

All participants can mint a Bronze NFT, even with a score of 0s.
If your score is above 50 and below 100, you can mint Silver and Bronze NFTs.
If your score is above 100, you can mint Gold, Silver, and Bronze NFTs.

Here is your guide to start and get these 3 NFTs

1 – To participate, all you need is a domain id such as .stark or .braavos.stark. If you are new to Starknet, we will explain below how to register a .braavos.stark in a new wallet in 3 clicks. Note that the .braavos.stark is free in your wallet.

2 – Play the game to grow your score on your desktop. Each participant can mint the Bronze NFT, but to be eligible to mint Bronze, Silver, and Gold NFTs and become a Starkfighter OG, they must reach a score of 100 or higher.

3 – Keep playing to rank in the top 49 players and receive ETH and NFTs from Everai, Briq, or Carbonable. The winners will be announced on the 19th of May!

Now let’s get ready to get your ready for the NFTs:

  • If you are new on Starkenet and need a domain to play, create first your wallet.
  • If you have a Braavos Wallet but no domain, register yours directly in your wallet.
  • If you own a Braavos Wallet and a domain name, go to and play!
    Have fun!

1 – New on Starknet and need a domain to play? Create your wallet!

If you want to play Starkfighter now, Braavos makes it EASY and FREE to join the biggest Starknet ecosystem event ever!

Step 1: install Braavos Wallet: download here the desktop and mobile versions

2 – Register a domain in your wallet.

If you are a Braavos wallet owner, you can create your .braavos.stark domain in your wallet for free.
Here are the steps to register your domain:

Step 2: click on the “Settings” of your account
Step 3: click on “Register braavos.stark Domain”
Step 4: choose your domain and click on “Register”
Step 5: go to and grow your score
Step 6: go to to mint your NFTs

Enjoy the game! Grow your ranking and rank in the top 50 to have a chance to win a fair share of the loot!

Note that the option to deploy an account and register a domain via Starkfighter is not available anymore. The offer is over.
We are proud that we could help thousands of Starknet enthusiasts to onboard and enjoy Starkfighter.


This campaign lasts for only three weeks, ending on May 19 at 2 PM CET. So, show off your pilot skills before time runs out! The top-ranking players on the leaderboard will be awarded ETH and NFTs.

StarkFighter is an initiative organized by and for the Starknet ecosystem. We are glad to bring our contribution to the community as an Alpha Sponsor but would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the others sponsors that support or contribute to this exciting project.

This campaign was developed and organized by and designed by the talented Everai team.
Thank you to both teams for their hard work in bringing this game to life!

Join the game today and may the best Starknet Fighter win the coveted prize!

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