The Starknet Journey Map NFT: Your Interactive Passport to the Starknet Adventure

Follow the how-to guide to learn everything about the Starknet Journey Map, an interactive NFT, and how to claim it! Welcome to the Starknet Adventure!
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• May 17, 2023
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The Starknet Journey Map NFT: Your Interactive Passport to the Starknet Adventure

IMPORTANT: the campaign to Claim Your Starknet Journey NFTs has ended. Nevertheless, the Braavos community is committed to a new challenge: the Starknet DeFi Spring.

This is a gamified way to explore DeFi on Starknet and earn STRK.
Visit the guide here -> Starknet DeFi Spring Master Guide

A Journey of Milestones

The Starknet Journey Map NFT is designed around five key milestones. Each milestone is a challenge in the Starknet realm, and to conquer each, you need to complete a specific task within a set deadline. We release these tasks weekly, giving users seven days to achieve them.

Once the deadline passes, a snapshot is taken, marking the completion of that milestone. Users will then be able to claim an NFT representing that milestone on the map. But here’s where it gets even more exciting – these “milestone NFTs” automatically reflect on the Starknet Journey Map, making your map a living record of your Starknet adventures.

A Journey that Keeps Unfolding

But the journey doesn’t end there. Every week, a new task will be released. Complete it within the week, and you’ll be able to claim a new NFT. This NFT will also be reflected on the Starknet Journey Map NFT you’ve already claimed, making your map an ever-evolving record of your journey.

You’ll be able to mint a new NFT every week for 7 days!

Milestone 1

Challenge: verify a Starknet Pro Score above 10% to claim the Journey Coin NFT.

Claim period: starts on May 18th at 13:00 UTC and lasts until May 24th at 12:59 UTC

The Journey Coin NFT symbolizes your digital ownership and your value to the Starknet community! Remember that 9% of the #STRK, Starknet’s token, has been allocated to be distributed among the community. The Pro-Score is a unique feature that allows you to explore and track your efforts while testing the network:
– Explore all projects through the dApp Gallery.
– Access only verified apps.
– Visualize your progress and interactions
– Use the same addresses for test and mainnet accounts

Milestone 1 Bonus

All participants in Step 1 will receive a Dynamic Map NFT in the same mint. The term “Dynamic” indicates that the NFTs from this collection that you own in your account will be showcased on this map. If you transfer, sell, buy, or receive an NFT from this collection, you’ll witness the corresponding change being reflected on the map.
It’s a unique NFT! Claim it before the end of Step 1!

Milestone 2

Challenge: claim the Mobile Journey NFT with the official Braavos mobile app.
From May 24th at 13:00 UTC and for 7 days.

Claim period: starts on May 24th at 13:00 UTC and lasts until May 31st at 12:59 UTC

Braavos is the first and only mobile wallet available on Starknet.
This NFT represents the unique experience you’ll have when using the Braavos mobile wallet, enabling you to:
– Use your mobile device as a next-gen hardware wallet via the Hardware Signer feature, ensuring each transaction is 2FA.
– Further, safeguard your wallet with the highest level of security in crypto and Starknet, thanks to the Multi-Signer, a unique and fully decentralized 3FA (Three-Factor Authentication).
– Access all dApps through the search function or the dApp Gallery.
– Manage your funds and NFTs wherever you are.
Enjoy your mobile journey with Braavos!

Milestone 3

Challenge: to claim the Starknet Exchange Journey NFT, you must either swap any amount from your Braavos Wallet or mySwap or add any amount to mySwap’s liquidity pool between May 31st, 13:00 UTC and June 7th, 12:59 UTC.

Claim period: starts on May 31st at 13:00 UTC and lasts until June 7th, 12:59 UTC.

This NFT symbolizes Braavos’ dedication to making it easier for you to swap tokens and pool liquidity. Braavos was the pioneer in introducing an in-app swap feature, all thanks to the timely launch of mySwap.
mySwap, Braavos’ second product, was created prior to the wallet itself, aiming to offer the community a user-friendly solution for token swapping and earning significant profits.

Utilizing the combination of Braavos <> mySwap offers several advantages:
High Yields: As pioneers and leaders in the AMM market on Starknet, mySwap has earned a reputation as an OG (original gangster) on Starknet, gaining the trust of its users. The high volume of exchanges generates significant yields for liquidity providers. Enjoy!
Enhanced security: The protocol is developed by the same team as the wallet, reducing the risk of bugs or vulnerabilities compared to using protocols from different companies.
No extra fees: Both mySwap and Braavos are free to use. You only need to cover your gas fees and reward the liquidity providers. We do not charge any fees.
Multiple Swaps options: You can connect your preferred wallet and, with just a few clicks, swap ETH, DAI, USDC, WBTC, or USDT. You can set the slippage or observe the price impact.

Milestone 4

Challenge: to qualify for the ‘Starknet Identity Journey NFT’ — the 4th milestone of the collection — you are required to connect an account that already has a subdomain (e.g., “x.braavos.stark”) or a domain (e.g., “.stark”) that represents your traditional account address.

Claim Period: begins on June 7th at 13:00 UTC and lasts until June 14th at 07:59 UTC.

The ‘Starknet Identity NFT’ streamlines the Braavos experience by removing obstacles that previously complicated the transition to Web3. Using a domain/subdomain name instead of a regular hexadecimal address is just one of the many user experience improvements that Braavos offers to new Web3 enthusiasts.

For instance, Braavos was a pioneer in introducing the Transaction Explainer, a feature that lets users verify transactions’ legitimacy. This prevents unauthorized transactions and provides warnings against malicious ones.

By completing the challenge, you’ll be able to:

  • Claim the ‘Starknet Identity Journey’ NFT, the 4th milestone.
  • Obtain the Dynamic NFT map, if you don’t already have one.

Milestone 5

Challenge: to qualify for the ‘Starknet Onboarding Journey NFT’ — the 5th milestone of the collection —you need to deposit any amount in the crypto of your choice via one of our five on-ramping options.
To fully enjoy the Starknet Journey and its final surprise, we recommend onboarding a few dozen of dollars worth of ETH.

Participation and Claim Period: The period begins on June 14th at 08:00 am UTC and lasts until June 21st at 07:59 am UTC. extended to June 22nd at 07:59 am UTC.

The ‘Starknet Onboarding Journey NFT’ represents how Braavos simplifies your first steps on Starknet. The wallet is designed to ensure a seamless onboarding process for your funds. In fact, within the “deposit” section, you’ll find five different options:

  • Transfer from your preferred exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc…
  • Bridge from Ethereum L1
  • Cross-chain transfer
  • Credit card deposit
  • Bank transfer


Braavos establishes itself as the innovative and UX leader on Starknet by offering:

  • A hardware signer – your account is setup with high 2FA security and you can sign transactions on the blockchain similar to the way you use Apple/Google Pay 
  • Multi-Signer – 3FA for the highest security in crypto. Sign transaction from 2 different devices in order for it to get executed.
  • The possibility to start your journey and access your crypto on any device – mobile and desktop.

By completing this challenge, you’ll be able to:

  • Claim the ‘Starknet Onboarding Journey NFT,’ the 5th milestone
  • Obtain the Dynamic NFT map if you don’t already have one

Remember to keep the map safe to unlock its important utility (surprise!). Make sure to collect as many NFT milestones as possible.

Missed a Milestone? There’s Still Hope!

What happens if you miss a milestone? While it’s a setback, it’s not the end of your journey. You’ll still have the opportunity to complete the full map. How, you ask? By acquiring the missed milestone NFT through other means. Perhaps you can persuade a friend to transfer it to you, or maybe you’ll find it in one of the NFT marketplaces on Starknet. The strategy is up to you! Remember, in the Starknet universe, every challenge is an opportunity for a thrilling adventure ???? 

Your Unique Narrative in the Starknet Universe

As you conquer each milestone, your Starknet Journey Map NFT becomes a richer reflection of your personal journey through the Starknet universe. It’s not just a collectible, but a unique narrative of your Starknet adventure. So, embark on this exciting journey with us, as we continue to explore the vast potential of the Starknet blockchain realm together.

Claim your NFT now!

Here is how to claim the Starknet Onboarding Journey NFT (NFT 5)

  1. Deposit any amount in the crypto of your choice via one of our five on-ramping options starting from June 14th, 8:00 am UTC.

    To fully enjoy the Starknet Journey and its final surprise, we recommend onboarding a few dozen of dollars worth of ETH.

    Please go to your wallet and click on deposit to see the options.

    Once you are all set:
  2. Claim your NFT on

    Follow the on-screen instructions to claim your Starknet Identity Journey NFT.

As a bonus, if you don’t already own it, you will also receive the Dynamic Map NFT.

The NFT is on its way and it may need up to 2 hours once the transaction is complete to appear in your NFT gallery. You can also check your NFT on Aspect or Mintsquare.

Note that you can claim the same NFT only one time per account.

Bertrand Blancheton

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