Multi-Owner Account,
the Next-Generation Multi-Sig

Supports up to 7 owners per account
Each owner can be protected by 2FA/3FA
Seamlessly connect to any Starknet dApp
The account pays its own gas fees
Multi-Owner Account, <br>the Next-Generation Multi-Sig

Braavos Exclusive

Censorship Resistant

Account Abstraction

Crypto Innovation

Our team can now manage contract upgrades and treasury with enhanced security and great flexibility.

Achieve decentralized decision-making thanks to the next-generation multi-sig

The Multi-Owner Account (MOA), a secondary account type in the Braavos wallet, enables multiple owners to manage a joint account.

The MOA’s full screen mode facilitates easy setup. This structure is particularly beneficial for teams and organizations, as it requires a customizable number of owner signatures to execute important transactions, like controlling smart contract upgrades or managing treasuries, thereby significantly enhancing security and consensus.

Owners can enhance security further by enabling decentralized 2FA or 3FA.

In addition, the MOA autonomously pays for the transaction gas fees and just like other accounts in your wallet, you can create multiple MOAs and access all Starknet dApps.

How to Create a Multi-Owner Account

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