Bridge & Onramp Funds to Your Starknet Wallet: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to deposit and onramp funds using the Starknet bridge & other services, within your Braavos wallet. Read now!
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• Mar 28, 2023
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Bridge & Onramp Funds to Your Starknet Wallet: The Ultimate Guide


With the growing popularity of the Starknet ecosystem, users are increasingly looking for efficient ways to onramp funds to their Braavos wallet.

However, in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, onboarding fiat currency to digital assets can be a complex and cumbersome process. This onramping often involves multiple steps, platforms, and fees, creating friction for users trying to navigate the landscape. With the growing popularity of the Starknet ecosystem, users are increasingly seeking efficient ways to onramp funds to their Braavos wallet and bridge assets from various networks.

In this article, we will explore several methods to deposit, onramp, and offramp funds using the Starknet bridge and other services, emphasizing the use of your Braavos wallet. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you seamlessly navigate the Starknet ecosystem and make informed decisions.

Accessing these services from within the Braavos wallet is recommended. On the main wallet screen, if you click on ‘Deposit,’ you will get a list of possibilities that redirect you to the relevant service. This will ensure that you won’t be exposed to phishing and other mistakes by typing the wrong URL.

StarkGate – The Canonical Starknet Bridge

StarkGate is the official Starknet bridge, developed by the Starkware team, designed to facilitate the transfer of assets between Ethereum and Starknet. It supports all official ERC20 tokens on Starknet, including ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT, and WBTC.

Using the StarkGate bridge, users can easily deposit their tokens into their Braavos account. All they need to do is connect their Braavos and Ethereum wallets, and follow a few simple steps.

Note that unlike depositing to Starknet which currently requires a single Ethereum transaction, withdrawing from Starknet back to Ethereum requires two transactions, first on Starknet to initiate the withdrawal process and a second transaction a few hours later on Ethereum (once the Starknet transaction has been ‘Accepted on L1’) to actually withdraw the funds from the bridge.

How to bridge funds to Braavos Wallet from Ethereum to Starknet with StarkGate.

Learn more in the following guide:

Orbiter – Bridging Multiple Blockchain Networks

Orbiter is a versatile bridge that allows users to onramp funds from various other blockchains, such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, zkSync, BNB Chain, and Ethereum.

By providing a seamless connection between these networks and Starknet, Orbiter enables users to transfer their assets to their Braavos wallet without the need to convert them to ERC20 tokens first. This flexibility simplifies the deposit process and broadens the range of assets that can be used within the Starknet ecosystem.

Here’s a video to show how it works.

Download Braavos Wallet Download Braavos Wallet Download Braavos Wallet Download Braavos Wallet

Banxa and Ramp – Deposit Funds with Credit Cards or Wire Transfers Directly from your Bank Account

For users who prefer to deposit funds using traditional banking methods, Banxa and Ramp offer the convenience of onramping funds to your Braavos wallet using a credit card or wire transfer. On iPhone mobile devices you can use Apple Pay as well. These services enable users to purchase digital assets directly from tradFi systems (traditional finance) without the need to go through centralized exchanges or any other blockchain network, even Ethereum itself. 

It is recommended to access Banxa and Ramp from within your Braavos wallet, as described above, so both your account address and the destination network will be filled-in, saving users from typos, phishing attacks and streamlining the onboarding process for those new and experienced users alike. 

How to deposit funds to Braavos Wallet using your credit card with Banxa on Starknet.

LayerSwap – On-ramp and Off-ramp from Centralized Exchanges

LayerSwap provides an accessible solution for users who want to onramp and offramp funds between their Braavos wallet and various centralized exchanges.

Supporting 16 major exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, OKX,, Gemini,, Huobi and more, LayerSwap simplifies the process of moving digital assets between the centralized and decentralized worlds.

With LayerSwap, users can easily deposit and withdraw funds to and from their Braavos wallet on Starknet, making it a convenient choice for managing digital assets.


In summary, there are multiple ways to deposit, onramp, and offramp funds to your Braavos wallet on Starknet:
– the official StarkGate Starknet bridge
– Orbiter
– LayerSwap
users have various options for managing their digital assets.
Additionally, traditional banking methods such as credit card payments and wire transfers can be utilized through services like Banxa and Ramp. Ultimately, the choice of method will depend on the user’s preferences and specific needs.

To get started, download the Braavos Smart Wallet on your preferred browser or mobile device today.


This article is intended to provide a survey of some of the available ways to bridge, deposit, onramp, and offramp money to Starknet mainnet and is not a testimony about the security or reliability of the projects. Furthermore, all these projects, including Starknet and Braavos themselves, are currently in alpha and their code is not audited. Users are encouraged to do their own research (DYOR) before interacting with any of the mentioned services. The content of this article should not be considered financial or investment advice.

Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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