The First Multisig Wallet Is Now Live on Starknet Mainnet – Discover the Multi-Owner Account!

If you're looking to control how your team uses your crypto and manage access to your team account, check the 'advanced Multisig' solution.
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• Sep 6, 2023
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The First Multisig Wallet Is Now Live on Starknet Mainnet – Discover the Multi-Owner Account!

Multi-Owner Account Official Mainnet Launch

Today is the official Mainnet launch of Braavos’ Multi-Owner Account. The Multi-Owner Account is an advanced Multisig wallet and is the first Multisig on Starknet Mainnet.

The Multi-Owner Account is a feature that has long been awaited by builders and will empower teams and organizations on Starknet to efficiently and securely manage their funds in a collaborative way.

After a successful 6 weeks on testnet, the Multi-Owner Account is now ready for primetime. It has been triple-checked by different teams in the community as well as the 51 testers from Braavos’ core community. Your organization’s funds are safe with the Braavos Multi-Owner Account.

As with each innovation on Braavos, there is more than meets the eye.

The Multi-Owner Account is more than a Multisig

The Multi-Owner Account (MOA) is NOT just a simple Multisig wallet. Braavos’ new MOA feature innovates beyond the classic crypto multisig model by introducing advanced security where each owner is multi-factor authenticated (up to 3FA – fully decentralized), along with autonomous gas payments and seamless dApp integration.

Let’s break down these 3 key advantages:

1) Advanced Security

Each owner’s account can adopt decentralized 3FA for maximum security:

  • Something you know: a text password, PIN code, pattern, etc.
  • Something you have: a physical device, such as your mobile phone
  • Something you are: a biometric identity, such as your fingerprint, face ID, etc.

Actually, each account can even become another Multi-Owner Account for the utmost security level.

2) Autonomous Gas Payments

As a standalone account on Starknet, the MOA pays its own gas fees. No need to worry about gas fees, as separate signers control the same account. The MOA autonomously handles the gas fee out of its own balance.

3) Seamless dApp Integration

The MOA integrates effortlessly with each and every dApp, as it is treated like any other account in your wallet.

What are the benefits of the MOA?

  • Allow teams to collaboratively manage their treasury and contract upgrade on Starknet.
  • Enhance the security for each account owner, thereby improving the overall security of the account.
  • Allow you to add your signature confirmation even while on the go from your mobile device.

As the Multi-Owner Account is live both on Starknet testnet (Goerli) and Mainnet, allowing you to experience its capabilities firsthand.
Download Braavos now and create a Multi-Owner Account inside your wallet.

How can I create a new MOA and benefit from it?

If you are wondering how the MOA works, how many people can get access to the account, or how many validations are necessary, you’ll learn that in this step-by-step tutorial

See “How to enable the Multi-Owner Account in your Braavos wallet”:

Are you looking for in-depth information on the Multi-Owner Account?

We’ve got you covered. Check our technical article: “Multi-Owner Account: Elevate Team Collaboration on Starknet with Account Abstraction”

Multisig Wallet on Starknet Summary

Today was the launch on Starknet Mainnet of the awaited Multi-Owner Account, an advanced multisig wallet. This innovation allows Starknet builders to manage their organization’s funds securely and efficiently.

Bertrand Blancheton

Bertrand Blancheton

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