Swap Tokens, Crypto Trade on Starknet

Optimized for lowest swap rate
Supports all Starknet blue chips tokens
Enable exact approval, eliminating unlimited allowance signing
Swap Tokens, Crypto Trade on Starknet

Braavos Exclusive

Censorship Resistant

Account Abstraction

Crypto Innovation

It is like accessing all Starknet DEXs but aggregated in your wallet.

Swap Your Crypto at the Best Rates and Lowest Gas Fees

Swap Tokens powered by AVNU enhances convenience and streamlines the process by merging the ‘Approve’ and ‘Swap’ functions into a single transaction within your wallet. This consolidation improves security by eliminating the need for unlimited access to your funds.

The Swap functionality in the Braavos wallet now offers the best exchange rates by aggregating all liquidity sources on Starknet, including prominent platforms like Ekubo, mySwap, Nostra, and Jediswap. This maximizes access to liquidity for each token pool, minimizing the risks associated with price impact and slippage. Users can adjust transaction settings, such as slippage levels, directly from the wallet interface—there’s no need to connect to a decentralized app (dApp).

The gas can be paid with your ETH or STRK token.

The interface prominently displays key transaction details, including:

  • Exchange rate and price impact
  • Minimum expected amount and slippage %
  • Estimated gas fees, famously low on Starknet

Support is extensive, covering all blue chips tokens of Starknet: ETH, STRK, USDT, USDC, DAI, wstETH, WBTC, LORDS, LUSD, UNI and rETH

Powered by AVNU, Swap Tokens ensure you receive the most efficient and secure swapping experience directly from your digital wallet.

How to Swap Crypto or Tokens on Braavos

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