Braavos Subdomains: Simplify Your Web3 Identity

Free '.braavos.stark' subdomain
Reduce transfer mistakes due to typos
Set up directly from your wallet
Braavos Subdomains: Simplify Your Web3 Identity

Braavos Exclusive

Censorship Resistant

Account Abstraction

Crypto Innovation

This is a unique crypto address, similar to a domain name on the web.

Use a Unique, Readable Identity Instead of a
63-Character Alphanumeric Address

The ‘.braavos.stark’ subdomain can be registered from each account’s settings in your wallet. Customize it to be unique, like ‘vitalik.braavos.stark’.

Most Starknet protocols support this subdomain, allowing you to use your personalized identity instead of a very long alphanumeric address.

Once registered, it becomes your default account name, changeable at any time via our partner platform, StarknetID.

To register a subdomain, click the account icon in the top left corner of your Braavos wallet, select the desired account, click the gear icon, and choose “Register braavos.stark Domain”.

How to Register your .braavos.stark subdomain

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