Stake+, Low Gas Fees ETH Staking on Starknet

Stake with a single click
Gas fees are 15x lower compared to staking on Ethereum
Benefits from Ethereum’s security
Allows ETH staking from Starknet
Stake+, Low Gas Fees ETH Staking on Starknet

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It’s like staking on Ethereum,
but without the high fees and directly from your Starknet wallet.

Avoid high gas fees when staking your ETH

By utilizing DeFi Pooling technology, Stake+ splits the high gas costs of Ethereum Layer 1 (L1) across dozens of participants, thereby substantially lowering the gas fees for each individual user. With reduced gas fees, small-scale investors can maintain profitability, as these costs no longer consume their entire yield.

How does it work?

DeFi Pooling aggregates funds from numerous users into a smart contract on Starknet. These funds are then bridged to Ethereum (Layer 1) to be staked on Lido. The resulting tokens, wstETH, are returned to Starknet (Layer 2) and distributed to all users who deposited funds in the pool.

How long does it take?

Staking ETH with Stake+ takes up to 16 hours. This includes bridging ETH to Ethereum, staking it through Lido, returning it as wstETH to Starknet, and distributing the liquid token into your wallet.

Similarly, withdrawing ETH also requires up to 16 hours, encompassing the bridging of wstETH to Ethereum, unstaking through Lido, and bridging the ETH back to Starknet.
The number of hours required for a roundtrip is expected to drop dramatically as Starknet gets more mature.

Staking or withdrawing happens in one click.

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How much does it cost?

According to current gas prices, it will cost ~$0.5 to stake on Starknet via Braavos, while on Ethereum L1, it will cost over $10.

How can I see the details of my investment?

The Stake+ tab in your Braavos wallet displays details about your staked ETH:

  • “Balance” – Your current balance.
  • “Invested” – This represents the total cost of your investments at the time of transaction, including assets sent, received or swapped.
  • “Value at investment time” – The value of ETH invested in USD at the time of investment.
  • “Gains in ETH” – This represents your current Balance in ETH value minus Invested.
  • “ROI in USD” – Earning in USD terms calculated by subtracting the “Value at investment time” in USD from the current balance value in USD.

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