Passkey Signer: the Convenient Alternative to a Hardware Wallet

Sign transactions on your computer with your finger/face
Protect your funds from phishing scams
Enjoy two-factor authentication (2FA) security
Passkey Signer: the Convenient Alternative to a Hardware Wallet
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Braavos Exclusive

Censorship Resistant

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Crypto Innovation

Sign transactions securely with your fingerprint or face directly from your laptop.

Your funds are secure from malware and phishing, reducing link-click risks

The Passkey Signer for the Braavos Wallet browser extension represents a significant leap in secure digital transactions. Leveraging the highest level of security available on your device, this feature typically utilizes a dedicated security chip along with biometric authentication—such as fingerprint or face ID. However, in situations where biometric ID is not available or feasible, the Passkey Signer can alternatively use your screen-lock password. This flexibility ensures that, regardless of the method, your account gains a substantial boost in security without compromising the ease-of-use.

The Passkey mirrors the stringent security measures of the Hardware Signer, adapted for the browser environment. By integrating state-of-the-art Passkey capabilities of modern operating systems and browsers, the Passkey Signer effectively shields users from phishing attacks and other malicious activities, ensuring the utmost safety for your funds.

The two-factor authentication (2FA) mechanism it employs combines ‘something you have’ — your computer – with ‘something you are’ — your unique biometric identity, thus providing a seamless yet highly secure user experience for managing digital assets.

Something you have

Your laptop

Something you are

Your fingerprint

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