NFT Gallery, your Digital Art Portfolio on Starknet

One-click transfer functionality
Direct access to NFT marketplaces
Compatibility with 3D art, audio, and video NFTs
NFT Gallery, your Digital Art Portfolio on Starknet

It’s similar to your token portfolio, but for NFTs.

View and Transfer Your NFT Collections
with Just One Click

The NFT Gallery enables you to browse and explore your NFT collections conveniently in a single location. It’s accessible under the ‘NFTs’ tab on the main screen of your Braavos wallet.

Easily navigate through your NFTs and uncover key details such as their unique ID and description with just one click. Additionally, the transfer function simplifies the process of sending your NFTs to another account, similar to how you would transfer a token.

Your NFTs receive the same high level of security as your tokens, thanks to features like the Hardware Signer FA decentralized security.

How to Transfer an NFT?

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