the Decentralized 3FA

Highest security level in crypto
Keep your wallet completely decentralized
Transactions go on-chain only after dual signing on mobile and computer
Multi-Signer, <br>the Decentralized 3FA

Braavos Exclusive

Censorship Resistant

Account Abstraction

Crypto Innovation

An attacker would need to obtain your seed phrase, your device, and access to your biometric data, such as your face or fingerprint, to steal your funds.

Secure your funds with the highest level of security available in the crypto industry

The Multi-Signer is designed to provide maximum security for your crypto assets.

It works in conjunction with the Hardware Signer and provides a three-factor authentication (3FA) security mechanism.

Multi Signer - Braavos Wallet (1)

The three factors are:

Something you know

Your Seed Phrase

Something you have

Your smartphone

Something you are

Your face/fingerprint

How to Activate Braavos Multi-Signer

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