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Why is the Passkey Signer safer than a standard seed signer?

Last update - February 9, 2024

There are three main types of authentication:

Something you know – e.g., a password

Something you have – e.g., a physical device

Something you are – e.g., your face or fingerprint


Effective security typically combines at least two of the above forms. 

The Seed Signer relies solely on “something you know,” which is considered the weakest form of authentication. 

In contrast, the Passkey Signer incorporates both “something you have”—your computer, where the key is securely stored in the device’s security module and cannot be extracted—and “something you are,” such as your biometric ID (fingerprint), which authorizes the security chip to sign transactions. As a result, you benefit from two-factor authentication (2FA), combining “something you have” and “something you are.”