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How to use the swap feature in-built into the Braavos wallet?

Last update - April 23, 2024

Q – Does a swap via Braavos use all 10 default liquidity sources?
A – Yes, when you perform a swap through the Braavos wallet, it automatically utilizes all 10 default liquidity sources available on Starknet to ensure you receive the best possible rates.

Q – Is the service fee the same if I swap from the wallet or from AVNU directly with the same account?
A – Yes, the service fee remains consistent whether you swap directly from your Braavos wallet or through AVNU directly using the same account. This ensures a seamless and cost-effective trading experience regardless of your access point.

Q – If I customize the parameters on your website, will they be reflected in my wallet swap?
A – Currently, any customizations you make to the swap parameters on the website will not automatically reflect in your wallet swaps. Each platform operates independently to allow for specific user preferences in different scenarios.

Q – Does a wallet transaction create points in AVNU leaderboard?
A – Yes, it does. Any transaction made through the Braavos wallet contributes to your total points on the leaderboard, enabling you to compete and rank based on your trading activity.

Q – Will a wallet transaction be visible in the transaction history of my AVNU dapp account?
A – Not yet, but we are actively working to integrate this feature. Soon, you will be able to see all wallet transactions reflected in your AVNU dapp transaction history, enhancing transparency and tracking of your activities.

Q – Which wallet is the paymaster compatible with?
A – The paymaster is compatible with all standard wallets, except multi-signature.